Con-Con and Mike-Mike

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Sarabia Manor Hotel
Sta. Maria Catholic Church
Photographer : Bordoy Viterbo

Most of the couples we have featured here in our blog are couples that we met only during their wedding day. And true enough, we still make sure that we tell their love story in a 2-3 minute video. So how about if the couple is someone we’ve known since we were kids? How can we tell a lifetime being with them in just a one or two-song video? I’m talking about no other than one of our own Cecil’s sister, Con-Con and her behalf, Mike-Mike getting married in our own hometown. But pressure turned into excitement. Everybody had fun and best of all we got to see Cecil in a Barong! And even though we had to shoot during that day, it did not matter at all because everything was made out of love.

mike and concon from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Special Shout Out!
A big round of applause to Toto and Noel of ImagineNation for helping us, and for doing an excellent job as our co-videographers. ;)

14 Responses to “Con-Con and Mike-Mike”

  1. concon

    aaawwww… every moment still remains fresh in my memory.. and everytime i view my vid, i still can’t hold back my tears.. THANK YOU my dear MAYAD Friends.. We love you! You guys are the best!

  2. genny

    i love it! simply the best… kudos to a job well done! mayad studios…highly recommended! =) congratulations and best wishes to you con and mike! i had so much fun gidya…as in even just for one day…hope to see you guys soon… i miss you! mwah!

  3. Noel

    Thank you to Con-Con and Mike for letting us crash your wedding! Hehe. :D But we were helpful naman ‘di ba? ;) Thanks Mayad sa experience! :D Galing ni Cecil sa video! Star! :D

  4. marga

    we love you nang concon and nung mikemike! :)

    this was the FIRST wedding that I CRIED! im so kilig!!!!wooo!
    bilis na sa baby!hahaha

    to our very own cecil, you are so MAGALING!wahahaa!bagay ka gd man mag BARONG! ;)

  5. Andrea

    I love Con and Mike’s Video!!!! Mayad Studios surely live up to their name. Mayad gid man kamo. :)

  6. jade

    congrats con2! love ur vid…
    wish i was there, im really sori i wasn’t able to make it…
    Godbless to both of u! =)

  7. jee

    woohhoo!the best ibang klase simula pa lang kakaiba the song bagay sa couple=) so happy to both of you congratz manang concon ang nong mike mike!=)

  8. Jesse

    What are you using to put the camera above the white car when Con is looking out the window and she gets out?


  9. Mayad fa...

    I’m a fan, and i really love how you make every videos unique… I wish i have the right tools make this kind of video composition… Just want to ask, where do you get the music that you use for every video… they’re really nice…

  10. Michael Caling

    first song (0:00 – 1:45): Chocolate by Snow Patrol
    second song (1:50 – end): Lifeline by Mat Kearney


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