Cherry and Jaime

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Photographer: Vagonozze

When a man proudly says that a woman can have his heart, his body, his soul…and even a little bit of his money (considering all of it actually)…then we could honestly say that he must really love the woman..right? :p But more than that Cherry and Jaime proved to us what love can do…stay in Chicago for her..leave London for him and of course marry in the Philippines. And so now may we present to you rain or shine..abroad or here in the Philippines, Cherry and Jaime’s SDE. Cheers everyone! :)

Jaime and Cherry from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

5 Responses to “Cherry and Jaime”

  1. Jeffrey Jay Jacaria

    What a PERFECT SCENE……Oh So COOOOLLL…..Grats to the couple…. Nice One MAYAD….

  2. KC Binay the video from chicago to the church…it was really so classic…another great job team mayad….so nice to watch it over and over again..btw whats the title of the song??thanks


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