Early and Chloe

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Planner: Ariel Leanne Chen
Photographer: Tobias Chu

Taste of heaven..that is how we describe Bali. This is our second time to shoot at this very heavenly place and we are most fortunate enough to shoot it with a very charming couple, Early and Chloe. And we must admit the beauty of the bride was exceptional..as if we were looking from a Koreanovela. So here’s the vid we made especially for them.Cheers! :)

Early and Chloe from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

47 Responses to “Early and Chloe”

  1. Aloysius

    You guys r the best video crew in the world… love this video so much & the song is total match it so well… what song title is this? Who is the singer?

  2. Ali Shan Hyat

    This video is exceptionally amazing. Great job i must say. What is the name of this Chinese song playing behind? Awesome tune!

  3. Jeric De Josef

    same venue with thuy and javier’s wedding? hahaha Love the cinematography… ang ganda ng place…

    To any mayad – ano title sg last song kg sin-o nagkanta? hehehe


  4. kevin

    Nice Work !!! awesome wedding cinema. Can i know what is the name of this song? thanks !!

  5. eunice orlain

    to any mayad. can i have persmission to watch this video. guys u are so great! more proj to come! :)

  6. Gno Ahsile

    It’s a beautiful beautiful film well done. Very inspiring! It’s unfortunate that it’s set to private – do you think if it’s still possible to share it, as would love to share to my future wife about this amazing concept of a wonderful couple?

    Thank you, appreciate it!

  7. vamphyri

    oh nooo…how come it become a private video? I wanted to show it to my husband how amzing this wedding video is….it’s sucha touching wedding video….

  8. EL

    This video really touch my heart!! Is really amazing ! Can I have the names of the song please??



  9. Yosep Sugiarto

    Beautiful… you really capture Bali like heaven and the couple very charming and pretty… congratz for Early & Chloe, happy wedding and two thumbs up for Mayad Studios capturing my country beautifully…

  10. Rick

    Hi there, love your productions! But this video is password protected. Can we view it as well? Thanks!

  11. Johan E Werimon

    Love it..but so sad the couple have decided to change it into a private video.Thank God i already saw it earlier. I think it’s a good video & a good couple..and it’s should be shared. I believe if it was a good thing so we must share it.

  12. Darrel

    May i know what is the soundtrack used in this video. Its a very nice song and i must say its one of the best montage ever produced.

  13. Alexandros margo

    I saw it once, too bad now I can’t see it anymore. Really love everything about this video. Hopefuly I can see it again.

  14. Thomas

    I’d really want to watch this video. i’ve been searching for it for hours. i’ve watched this video a few times before when it was still available in mayads facebook page , can anyone send me the password? :)

  15. noname

    nope…Chloe is from China…
    she used to be a model…..and a student @ Guan zhou..just graduated on 2010…
    this vedio is so popular at the internet last year…

  16. Makruef Cjdw

    hmm… this is amazing video, … look so beautifull and great concept.. romantic … congrat to all crew .. your the best of the best video maker… :D

    >> Makruef Cjdw .


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