Born is the King! Christmas 1

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As much as we want to play secret Santa to all our clients (including those who want to book their 2013 weddings! ;-) ), fans, supporters, family ,co-wedding vendors and friends…we have decided to give you something, not in cash, not in kind…but in (what else?) a Christmas video presentation!

After all, you guys have all been blessings to us in one way or another. Who can ask for anything more? Hmmm, maybe we were good girls and boys after all…

The whole meaning of this season can easily be lost amidst the holiday rush, the parties and the presents… Thankfully, here in Mayad, we were given lots of chances to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Far from the lavish festivities, the dazzling lights, the loud chorus of cheers and well-wishes, Christmas is still the same. It’s still a time for children and for somehow being a little child all over again. It’s still a time for giving and receiving the most precious gift of all… heaven gifted us with a Saviour! So lift up your voice and sing out His praise, born is the King, rejoice in the day…yes, everyone, it’s Christmas, and its merry indeed!

Mayad Team

Born is the King by Hillsong

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  1. Yosep Sugiarto

    Hi Alvin, so this one right?! Love it! Happy Merry Christmas! in Indonesia we say : Selamat Natal… Greetings to everyone there! hope to meet you all next year in Iloilo if you guys still staying there :D Marga, Sheena, King! come on… visit Indonesia. Now is your turn to visit me :D Alvin and Fiel did already.


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