Shalani and Roman

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The long wait is finally over and the boy meets girl story has finally made it to the altar. Like what we’ve said before this wedding has got to be one of the most challenging weddings we’ve ever done but still when we saw the love shared between Shalani and Roman, everything became worth it. Ladies and gentlemen..Children of all ages.. the long wait for their wedding video is also finally over as we happily present to you the highlights of their wedding. Cheers

Coordinator : Marichelle Ligon of Bridesmaids & Co
Photographer : Jorem and Sheila Catilo Photography
Gown : Inno Sotto
Shoes: Lila Almario
Benedict Church in Ayala Westgrove, Silang, Cavite
Solenad, Nuvali

5 Responses to “Shalani and Roman”

  1. kina

    im from the US. don’t know who the couple is. what exactly do they do? there were so many ppl there.

  2. Taco

    Hey Kina,

    There are really a lot of people there. Because the girl (with political status.. I forgot her position) is the ex-girlfriend of the President of the Philippines and the guy is.. I think a Senator of the Philippines. Their wedding was really known in the Philippines due to their political involvement.

    Anyway, Good Job Mayad Studios.


  3. mmm

    hello kina and taco.
    shalani is a councilor of valenzuela while roman is a congressman of pasig city. shalani also is TV host for a game show.

    and yes she is our president’s ex girlfriend. :


  4. sheila

    I love how you guys embraced the reality of the chaos during the wedding. You guys were able to show the wedding as it is, without missing the intimacy between the two. Amazing job as usual, and great working side by side with your team again. :) Until our next wedding!


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