What’s Your Life-Changing Moment? Share With Us!

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In a world of uncertainty… in a world where everybody is busy, in a world where everyday seems to be ordinary…something might just happen unexpectedly. We hear stories everyday from all ages young and old. And not all stories are happy, some may even be a cause of despair. But despite of all these, we learn to stop and try to understand every moment that is happening and then we learn…we accept and we live by these moments. Happiness might just be around the corner, we just need to take a peek, hold each others’ hands and believe that everything has its time, reason and purpose.

This is the second part of our “Life Changing Moments campaign” in which we featured different couples. Each couple has their story to share and we also want you to embark in this journey with us. Share your story with us…any story that has changed your life. Tell us how you were able to overcome these trials and embrace these moments. It may be marrying the person you dreamed of, overcoming challenges, having your first born…any story worth sharing, email us at lifechangingmoments@mayadstudios.com and the story with the most life-changing moment will be featured and documented. Write us today.

Deadline of Submission will be on February 3, 2013 11:59pm

Life Changing Moments Part 2 : Share With Us! from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

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