Mayad Boracay Fun Series

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Directed by : Kristopher King Caldera
Coordinator : Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings

Getting hitched, tying the knot, getting married.. many terms have been used but one thing remains true to these, it is when two individuals madly in love with each other finally decided to spend the rest of their lives together binded in front of God and the people close their hearts. It is a day of celebration, of fun and where else would be the perfect choice but our very own white sand beach, Boracay. Chill relax and enjoy as we introduce to you two of the most fun weddings we had recently. Cheers to Ela, Gerald, Rupert and Stephanie.

Rupert and Stephanie

Boracay: Rupert and Stephanie from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Ela and Gerald

Boracay: Ela and Gerald from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

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