Vicki and Rajiv : Grand Love

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Director: Raphael Jamil Pranga
Camera Operator: Benjo Hilario
Behind the Scene Camera Operator: Elyne Villamor
Producer: Shake Comprendio
Gaffer: Joel Tiongson
Grip: Raymond Dequina
Motion Graphic Artist: Jhing Geronimo
Styling/Set Design: Rabbithole Creatives
Choreographer: Reigh Sy
Location: Lightshop Studio

How does one proclaim a love that is everlasting and true? How far would you go and to what extent? Would you say it out loud so everyone could hear?

Rajiv on the other hand had something different and unique in mind. He did not want anything ordinary in declaring his love..after all Vicki was no ordinary girl and what they had to go through was definitely a story worth sharing.

The next video we are about to present is probably one of the most ambitious we’ve ever done so far. From the choreography, the props, the set, the light and directions; everything was meticulously planned out down to execution and to post production. We sewed together the concept of the shoot to their concept for the day of the engagement itself. Take note that their Indian engagement party was none like other, there was a carriage, the stage was customized for their entrance, the lights were astonishing..Grand is an understatement and so it is just fit for us to have this trailer video to kick it all off. Thus, we are proud to share this one of a kind video made just especially for Rajiv and Vicki .

Before you watch the trailer video, we suggest you check out the making of “Grand Love : Vicki and Rajiv” video

The Making of “Grand Love : Vicki and Rajiv” from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Vicki and Rajiv : Grand Love

Vicki and Rajiv : Grand Love from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

* Stay tuned for the engagement highlights video..soon!

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