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7 Beautiful Pre-wedding Locations In Bali

by Katrina Erika San Juan

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite shooting locations in the beautiful island of the gods. It’s one thing to capture a couple’s love for each other on camera, but being able to do so in a drop dead gorgeous location- that my friend, takes the experience on a totally different level.

1.) The Bvlgari Resort – First up on our list is the luxurious Bvlgari resort in Uluwatu. From the way you are greeted at the reception area by the courteous staff and even by your buggy driver, you know you’re in for some 5 star service and pampering. The hotel’s aesthetic also spells out luxury, with the premises decked out in black marble and stone. You also get unexpected streaks of light seeping through a lot of areas in the hotel, adding drama and flare to your photographs and videos. Wedding ceremonies are you usually held on a glass like platform, covered in pink roses right in the middle of a pool. Our couples say their vows overlooking the vast Indian ocean, with friends and family laughing and crying with them on the side. All of this is just visually stunning! A few days before the wedding, we usually film our couples on the beach at the resort. The glass tram ride going down there gives you a breathtaking view of the ocean and you can almost hear the creative wheels in your head clicking at the sight of this inspiring view. You can get a variety of shots down there- by the beach , on some stairs, on rocks, a lounging area – all with the wild waves of the indian ocean crashing onto the shore in the background.

Bvlgari Resort is considered as one of the most beautiful places to go to and an even better place to held a wedding at. Just like our couple Early and Chloe who chose this wonderland to become the starting point of their everlasting life together. 

2.) Balangan beach – Aside from getting some good swell (that’s surfer lingo for waves!), Balangan beach is also a great pre-wedding spot. For a small fee, you are free to frolic around the area and shoot as much as you want, uninterrupted. Well, maybe except by other couples who are also shooting their engagement photos / video. It’s a pretty popular spot! You’ve got a lovely beach that you can have your couple run and have fun with each other in. You’ve also got a small cliff that overlooks the beach and the other side of Balangan., where you also get a good view of a waves crashing on some big rocks. You can even watch airplanes take off and land from up there! For a public beach, it isn’t as crowded and packed with tourists, compared to the beaches at the Legian district. If you want a fuss free and lovely location that’ll have you coming home with lots of pretty shots, Balangan beach is your best bet.

Balangan Beach is one of Bali’s top beaches. With marvelous scenery and humongous waves touching its shores. Balangan Beach is a popular destination for surfers and adventurous people. We shot Robot’s wedding here and I am telling you these scenes are truly remarkable.

3.) The Nusa Dua Water Blow – Capturing nature at its best adds life to any photograph or video. Have your couple do their thing in front of some WILD waves that shoot right up towards the sky at the water blow in Nusa Dua. These waves are so strong and they get sucked in by an even stronger current that in turn produces this natural wonder that attracts tourists and photographers (with their couples in tow). Nearby is also a small compound that has gigantic balinese statues, great for establishing that you are shooting in the island of the gods, no less.

4.) Alila – If you fancy something a bit more different for your pre wedding shoot, head on over to Alila and check out their well designed nests that hover over the Indian ocean. Mostly used for weddings, these nests can also be used for engagements shoots by couples who are also guests at the resort. The hotel also has an interesting looking staircase and other linear fixtures that’ll inspire any visually driven creative.

5.) Uluwatu temple – This has got be the best place to take photographs/ videos by a cliff! Inside the compound, adjacent to the Uluwatu temple, is a cliff that offers a stunning view of the ocean and it’s wild waves. You also get to see a bit of balinese architecture in the background. For a fee, you can click away and direct your couples in this stunning scenery that will take your breath away. Just don’t get too engrossed in shooting that you forget about the mischievous monkeys that lurk nearby. They actually sneak up on you and take your things! (Yes, it has happened to us!)

But when they aren’t being petty thieves, they actually make for cute subjects if primates are your thing. Also, since the cliff is in close proximity to a temple, try to work around the area discreetly so you don’t disturb the peace.

Aside from being known as one of Bali’s spiritual pillars, Uluwatu Temple is also known for its magnificent site, placed on top of a steep cliff and surrounded by Balinese architecture, Uluwatu Temple becomes a very nice spot to make your precious moments…more precious. Here is a wedding video of Zhang and Dai that we shot on Uluwatu Temple. 

6.) Nikko Bali – A gorgeous white wedding chapel, a private beach, balinese architectures and even camels you can choose to ride on – The Nikko Bali will make for an interesting pre-wedding location for the many options you can do with your photographers and videographers.

With a view overlooking the Indian Ocean and white sandy beach are just few of the impeccable things you’ll love at Nikko Bali. With a great view and fresh breeze this place is actually one of the best place to go to. Below is a video by us of Lisa and Vic and take a good glimpse of the reason why these couple loved this place. 

7.) Semara/Finn’s beach club – Take your pick from a choice of beautiful and spacious villas to shoot in. Each of these villas are decorated quite differently but are all bound together aesthetically by a rustic slash country vibe. Each villa also has a cliff that overlooks the ocean, where you can shoot uninterrupted. The white walls and wooden structures and shabby chic architecture will give your photographs and light and fresh feel that will appeal to hopeless romantic brides. Outside of the villa, Semara also has a beach that is open to the public. Snap a few photos as you make your way down some white cobblestone steps, with the open sea as the backdrop. After passing a door made of driftwood, you will find a tram that will lead you straight to Finn’s beach club. You will enjoy shooting on this quiet beach. It’ll make for a great end or start to a fresh little shoot infused with design elements from the resort’s western influences.