Adinata and Enjella “Quiet Anticipation”

The probability. The expectation.
The peace and the patience to do so while you’re at it.

Ever told yourself that you can just give it up altogether, but every time you stand still in the corner with your perplexed heart, there’s a small voice that whispers— “carry on”?

It’s hard, it’s complicated. It’s as if happiness is a long shot, a shoot for the moon.

But then at some point, you rest on the quiet moments of reassurance that it will come easy, like that current in a wave— it doesn’t need much to release power.

It happens.
And you embrace it with your full strength, and even more.

Enjella was Adinata’s wave that swept him off his feet. She was his free fall. His glorious crash.

He waited. He anticipated. He trusted. He believed she will come, and so she did.

Love is trusting. Love is waiting. Love is patient. Love is all the things that breaks us and makes us whole again. And what a joy it is being so.