Chao and Cherrie “An Adventure To Take”

To embark on an adventure. To sit and watch the waves with a book in hand. To wake up with your freshly brewed morning coffee. To sleep in on weekends. To lie awake and just breathe.The things that you can do on your own, now has a special meaning, and it’s all because of one thing— love.

Seeing new places with someone, trying new food, discovering things that you both like and you can veer away from. Sitting silently just listening to the waves on the beach, never even saying a word, yet knowing that comfort is just a stretch of hand away.Waking up being reminded that you are no longer alone, and that someone else’s breathing can actually bring the rise and fall to your own.

Silence that used to be deafening; now spells of comfort.

Chao and Cherry. Their adventure has just begun.