Cliff and Andie “Taste of Sunshine”

To make your mornings brighter.
To make your eyes tear up a bit every time you look at it.
How can be something so powerful turn out to be so beautiful?

To hold it from afar. To feel the rays through the space between your fingers.
To hold happiness at the palm of your hand.
To feel it on your skin. To feel the energy it gives you.

To let it kiss your face. To let it make your life more vivid then ever.
To let it shine through your eyes, blinding you, yet embracing you.

Powerful, purposeful. Beautiful.

Cliff and Andie. Of letting the energy flow between them.
Sometime silence doesn’t mean loneliness.
Sometimes silence means happiness, so strong, yet it breathes peacefully inside of you.
Sometimes silence means shining like the sun, giving life, giving color, giving love.