Raymond and Denise “Something Pleasant”

Sometimes in this life, you get to run aimlessly. You go through the motion. You live each day thinking that, “it’s a great day!”, but nothing to really make your heart skip a beat. Nothing to look forward and make your hand cold and sweaty from excitement, to make you stop and check the mirror thrice in a row just because you may have missed something– a streak of hair that’s been misplaced, a line on your face that’s been sitting there for too long, unnoticed.

Until one day, life throws you a big, jumpy ball of a surprise– someone pleasant. Someone who hits home. Someone to make you say “it’s a great day!” because this time, once the clock hits 6 pm, you’ll be off to meet this person at this third fancy restaurant he booked, knowing that you may change your mind. And just like that, you know life will never be the same again.