Wayne and Rachel “For the Better”

You know how broken and flawed you are; and sometimes, you’d think that no one would ever want to be with you.
You build your walls. You make it so high that no one would ever try to climb it.
After all, no one would see you void of your own selfishness.

You sulk in the presence of your own self.
You can do it, not needing anyone— you say to yourself, over and over.

But then here comes this gentle soul. Quiet. Serene. Persistent, yet gentle.
Loves you like a wave, enveloping your existence.
The next thing you know, this soul becomes a fit to your very own.

It binds you. It stops you. It leaves you washed out.
Void of your fears, void of the truth that you try so hard to believe.

For Rachel, Wayne embraced everything of her, to the full.
Just when she thought she’s nothing but her incapabilities, Wayne loved her through it all.

Wayne stayed. For the good. Breaking her walls down.

Different people, different places.
Yet these two managed to find each other just when they thought they never will.