Wu Zhe and Hu Qiuchen “Gentle as the Wave”

here is something with a gush of wave that calms your nerve. You don’t need to physically be near it to appreciate it. Sometimes, you just have to look at it from afar, listen to it as you allow its sound to permeate your being. From there, you would know that even with the physical absence of that wave, you’re home… And home means warmth. Home means having to lay your head in comfort, even if the water isn’t still.

Wu Zhie and Hu Qiuchen.

A story of resting on each other’s presence. A story that tells so much about love, and warmth, and that gentle gush of wave that reassures them that they are home. A story of joy that overtakes anything uncertain in this world.

If this ain’t love, then we don’t know what is.