Krystyna and Adrian “Blissfully Beautiful”

We tread our lives as carefully as we can, trying to avoid as much bumps as possible along the way. Hoping to dodge the scars we see in others, we put up fronts and make them impenetrable by our standards.

Yet along the way, God is faithful in reminding us of what we need to go through to be who He wants us to be; that scars are ornaments instead of distractions. He reminds us that life isn’t easy, but its meant to be beautiful.

Krystyna and Adrian endured a few bumps in their journey together. But instead of hiding, the two have proudly held on to each other; together blossoming in firm endurance.

Mayad tells a story strengthened by the past but looking forward to the best that is yet to come. A relationship described as tumultuous yet blissfully beautiful just the way it’s supposed to be.