Katy and Mat “Beautiful Portrait”

We love to paint the scenery of our lives with someone in the picture. Imagining how it goes and what colors to apply, we set the mood and add little details to enhance the finished product. We spend our every day making little changes without losing sight of what picture we’ve already decided in our heads.

Until when? Nobody ever knows. Recording each gaze and smile; internalizing every touch and whisper; all these things add up to provide inspiration even the most majestic sunrise could not.

Katy and Mat spent years painting and retouching their story. As another remarkable chapter unfolds, a new canvas waits; eager to be splashed with new shades and colors that their unique story will provide.

Mayad lends a hand as this new dawn unfolds for this lovely couple. We capture the first few steps of their journey, letting them reel you in for a glimpse of the sketch that will become a vivid portrait of their beautiful bond.