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Hayden Kho for Maldita Man : Proudly Filipino

As part of our Maldita video collection, we are about to present another hot one. Maldita has been known for their very stylish clothes and yet fits the taste of every Filipino. And who else could embody and represent a filipino, but the very dashing Hayden Kho. Hold on to your seats because it is time to serve..Hayden Kho for Maldita Man Music by: Noli Aurillo Creative Director : Cesar Gaupo Check out Maldita website

Hayden Kho for Maldita Man : Proudly Filipino from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Jenny Rockett for MALDITA : Proudly Filipina!

We've always been a fan of Maldita clothes apparel and when we were given the chance to be a part of their new branding and collection, we know that we could never say no. Planning from scratch down to all intricate details, we were there making sure that we could embody the true Filipina beauty. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you Jenny Rockett for Maldita! :) Music by: Noli Aurillo Creative Director : Cesar Gaupo Check out Maldita website

Jenny Rockett for Maldita : Proudly Filipina from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Sippy and Damien : From Australia to London with Love

Combo Wedding Highlights Video Cultural difference doesn't matter when two people have the same beating heart. The heart that is filled with love for each other. No matter the distance or obstacles, Sippy and Damien are more than willing to fight for what they feel for each other. We can't get enough of our Australia wedding highlights and London highlights..and so we have decided to combine the two. It's not everyday we get to meet couples that are willing to celebrate their wedding twice in two of the most beautiful countries in the world. Sippy is Indian and Damien is Irish. Both professed their love in Australia and sealed their vows in London. Witness two families unite as we present one of our most colorful wedding videos up to date. From Australia to London with love "Sippy and Damien" Cheers! Sippy and Damien australia and london highlights from Mayad Studios on Vimeo. See Also the following: Australia video post click here London video post click here

Vickie and Alex : Never Let Go

Coordinator: Amanda of Boracay Weddings Photographer : Mangored Who would have thought that a mcdonalds ice cream at 2am could be a beginning of a lifetime of happiness. Is it really a random thing falling in love or who you fall in love with? Maybe yes or maybe no but the thing is when you finally found that certain someone, we should always remember to never let go! Fall in love one more time as we present to you the wedding video of one of Taiwan's awesome singers, Vickie Chern to her very dashing groom, Alex. Cheers!

Vickie & Alex from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Christel and Christian : Blissful Love

Burlingame, California Photographer : Pat Dy and Francis Perez During the wedding day, people expect a lot from the bride on how she is supposed to look and the dress she will be wearing. People anticipate her walking down the aisle. But at the end of the day, no matter what people think, what matters most is that the bride knows that at the end of that aisle is her groom waiting excitedly and knows the he is marrying the prettiest girl in the whole wide world. This is pure bliss. We've been going in and out of the States ever since we started our first US wedding but we feel that this is probably the warmest experience we had especially since we're in the company of close friends. Even though we were there as suppliers, we felt like guests as well. And now, we give cheers to love, friends and of course Christel and Christian! Enjoy everyone! :)

christel and christian from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.