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Joanne and Wayne : Waiting for God’s best

Edsa Shangrila Coordinator: Eugene Oda of Wedding Treasures Photographer : Derrick Lim for ImagineNation Host : Max Tiu   Thousand years, it may seem that long for someone to wait for God's best. But even though it may feel like forever, the wait is always worth it. Love is worth it. Sit back and relax as we unfold another love story..ladies and gentlemen, Joanne and Wayne! Cheers! ;)  

Annie and Kiet : G’day Mate!

Australia Every relationship goes through different stages. There may be a lot of ups and sweet moments, there may also be downs and quarrel times; but in the end, we return to what really matters..and that is love. With love, anything is possible. What is there more to say but just to present to you another sweet wedding video for Kiet and Annie? G'day mates! Also check out the pre-wedding film we did for them about a year ago

Mayad Academy Welcomes Boracay!

For months now, we have been raving all about having the Mayad Academy in Boracay. So why Boracay? The video we are about to show you will showcase the things you can do and the views you will see. Experience Boracay with us and have the vacation of a lifetime you deserve, plus learn from the people behind Mayad Studios. Register now! Hope to see you all there! :) for more information visit *featuring scenes from last year's workshop

Carolyn + Joel = God’s Answered Prayer

Carolyn Tan-chi Pedro and Joel Pedro Photographer : Pat Dy Sofitel Manila Every now and then, girls dream of the perfect guy for them and to live happily ever after. But based on most of the weddings we have covered, if there is one thing we learned, it is that if it's in God's time and God's perfect plan it will happen. With Carolyn and Joel, they made God the Steward and the center of their relationship and with that we know that they are and forever will be blessed. And if we may add, this wedding is truly God's answered prayer. So believe, have faith and enjoy this SDE we made especially for them. Cheers!

Jazzy and Sherwin : Epic Zamboanga

Zamboanga City Photographers: Ryan Ortega Coordinator: Al Arbison and Samuel Alfaro Jr. of Ever after Events MUA : Ms. Ten Franco   For so long we've been wanting to have a Zamboanga shoot, but due to some circumstances, we never had the opportunity. Then came Jazzy and Sherwin; everything fell into place and we were so excited about it. Fear was never an issue for us for we know we are in good hands and true enough, not only were we safe but we had an incredible time. Both Jazzy and Sherwin made us feel that we are a part of their wedding and pampered us all the way. From the preparation down to the after party, every detail was well thought of, planned and executed flawlessly and that is because of the wonderful suppliers carefully picked by our awesome couple. We also had the pleasure to meet other videographers like TreborZ (also helped during the shoot) and Cinesur.Everybody there was accommodating and we felt like rockstars for a moment and for that we are eternally grateful. We can't wait to go back to Zamboanga