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Mayad Academy Singapore Level Up!

Mayad Studios is excited for the upcoming workshop and meeting up with talents like you! We've only got limited slots left and they will go to those who make the first move, so hurry and sign up before you miss this opportunity to level-up your skills, Mayad style.

We will be back Maldives

Sun Island Resort Maldives Sun is out and the heat is on! Summer is definitely here to stay. We've been to some of the best beaches in the world..but one ultimate summer getaway in every list of the most adventurous people is Maldives. The myth of it that it will sink few years from now is a complete hit for tourists to flock the beautiful islands of Maldives, and we are so fortunate enough to be able to shoot a wedding there. Here's a glimpse of our travel and our stay there. and yes..we will be back! :)

Once Upon A Time In China

Last week we had a great opportunity in experiencing the very rich culture of China. And we just can't help but to share with you snapshots of our work/pleasure travel trip to the once known as the sleeping giant but claimed by some as the new USA. :) these are some of the screenshots from the video we made for them

Remembering..Mayad Academy 3

In preparation for the Mayad Academy Year 4, we turn back the time and remember last year's workshop. Reminisce all the memories as we get all hyped and excited for more adventure..this time in Singapore! :) See you all there! :)

Mayad Academy IV : Open for Registration!!!

And we are back with these simple words to share with you.. Mayad Academy is now finally open for registration!!! click here for payment and registration info :) Hosted by: for those who don't want to pay via paypal, we can have bank to bank transfers, email us to know the bank account details. for more inquiries email us at schedules and final details will be up soon! stay tuned