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Remembering..Mayad Academy 3

In preparation for the Mayad Academy Year 4, we turn back the time and remember last year's workshop. Reminisce all the memories as we get all hyped and excited for more adventure..this time in Singapore! :) See you all there! :)

Mayad Academy IV : Open for Registration!!!

And we are back with these simple words to share with you.. Mayad Academy is now finally open for registration!!! click here for payment and registration info :) Hosted by: for those who don't want to pay via paypal, we can have bank to bank transfers, email us to know the bank account details. for more inquiries email us at schedules and final details will be up soon! stay tuned

Marjo and Marcus..Welcome Bali :)

Photographer: Oly Ruiz Gown: Jun Escario We remember asking one videographer why Bali is so popular as a wedding destination, he just simply answered..because it's Bali. And then it hit us, ofcourse! Bali is so popular because the name and place says it all. Who wouldn't love every piece of heaven that place has offered us? Even one of our "kababayan" Filipinos chose the place to seal the knot and celebrate the union of marriage. Welcome Bali and hello to love..Presenting Marjo and Marcus.. ;)

Mayad Summer Class

For the past five years, Mayad Studios has been advocating Filipino creativity. We also believe in the energy and enthusiasm of the youth. Because of this, we are conducting a 2-day seminar (summer class) focusing on the basics of video editing and shooting on April 11-13, 2011. The summer class is open to all young talented artist ages 20-25. Interested applicants can apply at the Mayad Studios office, Room 301, Sta. Cruz Bldg., Ledesma cor. Fuentes Street, Iloilo City, from 1:00-5:00 pm. They can submit their application along with any valid ID (a past school ID will do). This seminar is free, however, only 25 slots are available. We encourage all applicants to give their best shot and they just might get the chance to work hand in hand with us. *Application forms are by us at or go to our Iloilo Office. See Ya! :) deadline of submission will be on April 8, 2011 at mayad iloilo office

Sippy and Damien

Australians are known to be brave and has vibrant mix of cultures..With these in mind and also being the sixth largest country in the world, who would ever thought that a love like Sippy had for Damien could ever exist. But we all know love find ways.. From the land where Nicole Kidman, Heath Ledger and Russell Crowe came from..we present to you Sippy and Damien's video. :) enjoy! We would like to give credit and thanks to Papercranes Susanto and Ferry for helping us in shooting this video :)