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Presh and Mikey

It is rare for a man who can tell their love story with the one he loves. Mike is one of those rare men..whose love is so pure that he is not ashamed to tell it to the world. Taken from their wedsite, here's how their story bloomed into a happily ever after. Mike: I had just graduated from Fordham and had gone back to the Philippines during the summer of 2007 with some of my college friends for vacation. I met Precious at a birthday party I hosted for my cousin Eena and I immediately thought she was super cute; UNFORTUNATELY she was with some guy at the time. I remember complaining to my cousin about how I thought she was cute but was taken. “Eens sayang naman! The dude, he’s so ugly!”, I said. Of course, I’m a Puno, and Punos are nothing if not extremely stubborn. So when I had the opportunity to steal her that night, I did. As photos will show, I managed to sneak a karaoke session with her, singing “A Whole New World.” The night ended, we said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways. Some time later, I checked my Facebook, and I got a friend request from one Ms. Precious Adona! I went back to New York, occasionally Facebook stalking Precious, as I went about my life. Then as fate would have it, I decided to move back to the Philippines. A short time later, Precious and I met again, only this time she was happily single. Not for long muahaha. We got together that April and never looked back. Here's the sde we made full of love just for them:

Tiffany and Geoffrey

We never really thought that a Catholic and a Baptist could marry each other nowadays. But to our surprise it is very much possible. They call it an ecumenical ceremony but for us we call it love. For only love could make a way for two people to wed each other, and no reason, not even religion could stand between them. Their hearts are pure and their intentions are good. With God as their witness, I'm sure Tiffany and Geoffrey will live happily ever after. Enjoy their SDE video we made just for them. :)

Tiffany and Geoffrey from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

KL and Erwin

They say that persistence will always lead you to your dreams. For our next groom it led him to his happily ever after. KL did not really like Erwin that much before, she even gave herself this 100 list to fill up of the things she would like about Erwin. She never thought that he could meet up to her list, but he certainly did. And look at where they are now. Happy and inlove. Enjoy the SDE :)

Erwin and KL from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Vanessa and Jun trailer

Coordinator :Christine Ong Te Events Photographer : Mangored Gown : John Herrera Flowers : Teddy Manuel Make up artist : Ria Gamboa You might know her as Daniel Matsunaga's sister..or even the future sister in law of Heart Evangelista..but for us..woman of beauty and elegance, mixed with a kind heart..that is how we describe Vanessa. No wonder Jun fell in love with her from the moment he laid his eyes on her. One is a model while the other is a photographer..these two are a perfect match..too perfect that you will be convinced that their love story was orchestrated by God.

Jun and Vanessa from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.