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The Plunge: Sharon and Viresh

It was completely unexpected when we got Sharon's email telling us that she's getting married to her Indian fiance Viresh in South Africa. Yes our first ever Indian wedding, and it's in South Africa! I got so excited that I packed my best summer clothes because I thought that it's hot there, but to my surprise it was winter. Perfect! :p Best part of my African trip other than the safari experience, learning about Indian culture in South Africa and meeting new friends, was definitely "The Plunge"! I brought with me our underwater case for 5d and asked Sharon and Viresh to jump on the pool. The water was freezing!!! It was like melted ice. Three minutes after I got in the pool, i couldn't continue talking. I was never been that cold in my life. But I say that they did an awesome job by staying calm and smooth in front of the camera and also staying there for another 15 min with Jasmine Wang to do some photos despite of the freezing temperature. Jet setter - the right word to describe this lovely couple like sleeping in Paris and waking up in Amsterdam. They don't even know what jet lag is anymore. Sharon is such an inspiration when we get to talk about her travels, how she looks at life and her adventures with Viresh. It was awesome to know how these two different cultures were join together with one thing in common: LOVE. Sharon and Viresh are a perfect match. They're very sweet with each other and most of the times I see them just gazing and smiling at one another all throughout the trip. It was like watching a real life movie. But hey, I managed to make them their own movie. All that I can say that love is not just about cultures but its about how it is cultured. It has been like a dream come true experience! Special thanks to Irfad and Nishall for helping out. Sharon and Viresh from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Cherry and Jaime

Photographer: Vagonozze When a man proudly says that a woman can have his heart, his body, his soul...and even a little bit of his money (considering all of it actually)...then we could honestly say that he must really love the woman..right? :p But more than that Cherry and Jaime proved to us what love can do...stay in Chicago for her..leave London for him and of course marry in the Philippines. And so now may we present to you rain or shine..abroad or here in the Philippines, Cherry and Jaime's SDE. Cheers everyone! :) Jaime and Cherry from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Persian + Afghan Love : Sultana and Ace

Most of us dream to find someone to have in our life. Someone that will make you feel warm inside just by hearing his voice. And that same person could make you sit there for hours just by staring at his smile because it makes your heart melt like an ice cream on a summer's day. And once in while we get lucky if they love us back too, hoping that it would lead to marriage and the rest would be a complete bliss. When you are marrying your best friend,your confidant,your inspiration and your are confident that what you will have in the future would be pure happiness. Two people made perfect for each other got married at Pleasanton, CA and everything looked so amazing. Different culture and different places but standing on the same common ground, and that is love. Ladies and gentlemen, another heartwarming highlights from us to you.. " Sultana and Ace..a Persian and Afghan Love" :)

Sultana and Ace from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Carmela and Michael Highlights

"Underneath the moon, underneath the stars Here's a little heart for you Up above the world Up above and it all Here's a hand to hold on to" - Lenka Life is full of surprises! And with just a little luck, you get to marry the love of your life. Witness a marriage brimming with emotions. Serving hot and fresh, here's Carmela and Michael's Highlights Video. Good day everyone! :)

Carmela and Michael from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Vy and Thomas

Hotel: St. Regis Church: Holy Rosary Venue: Kim Son Jefferson Hair & Makeup: Adorne Artistry Flowers & Decor: Secret Floral Garden Photography: Billy Bui Here's a really touching letter that was given to us by one of our recent US couple Vy and Thomas. Hi Fiel, Here is our reaction/option of the whole process: Movie stars lead a hard life! The preparation for the video and wedding were much more enduring and taxing than we expected. We wish there were more hours in the day so that we could spend with all our family and friend to capture all the details and memories. But in the end, when we saw our video, it was all worth it. We felt like our it was our big screen moment and would not change a minute of it. We love the Mayad team and would welcome them to "Party Like Rockstars" with us anytime! Vy With everything that has been said, we are proud and grateful to present to you their trailer and highlights video. Enjoy!

vy and thomas trailer from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Vy and Thomas from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.