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Don and Aniqa

Photographer : Mangored What we love most in our job is that we are able to see real people and true happenings. In one of our latest weddings, we were fortunate to be able to shoot a traditional Muslim wedding. We were so amazed of the very colorful traditions that made us realize that we Filipinos are very rich with such amazing cultures. Oh did I mention that Don and Aniqa came from royal families? Both of their fathers are datus which makes them prince and princess. Catch our very first Muslim wedding courtesy of Don and Aniqa.

don and aniqa from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Mayad Academy 3 UPDATE!!!

Topics and activities during the workshop Beginners : May 11-12, 2010 - 9am Emilion Roundhouse Function Center, General Luna St. Iloilo City For our Beginner course, the highlight will be general videography with the Mayad team attempting to squeeze the screaming videographer inside the body of our young artist participants. We will be teaching the nature of Premiere pro for editing along with some cool editing techniques. We will showcase the beauty of camera works like the basic composition and camera handling. We will let the participants shoot their own video, they will have a hands on training guided by our very own the Mayad team members. At the same time we will incorporate both edit and shoot and guide the participants in creating a masterpiece. At the end of our second day workshop, we will showcase the works and output of the participants. Pros-Weddings: May 18-20,2010 - 9am UNIT 319 3/F LRI Design Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia Ave., Bel-Air Makati City Our main goal for the pros is to enhance and maximize the full potential of the videographer as we focus on wedding videography. For our first day we will be showing a never-before-seen full length video made by one of our own Mayad team member as we thoroughly discuss the steps in achieving the best video based on the materials on-hand. We will also give you some of our personal tips, tricks and techniques on shooting on DSLR and the story-telling type of editing Mayad is known for. In addition, we will let you in on our trade secrets, like same-day edit workflow, glide moves, and must-haves on the shoots. To top it off, you will also be entitled to show us one of your best work; an SDE or highlights and will have a one-on-one consultation with us. For the second day, we will be teaching shooting using a style that’s truly the “Mayad Way”. At the same time we’ll show the participants how we shoot and direct our couples during the actual pictorial. An opportunity will be given for the participants to shoot a Concept Video with real model couples as for their models. And for the last day, we will let the participants edit their concept video as they compete against each other for the best group during the dinner gathering later that evening. The day will not be complete, not until we party the night away. For more info email us

Mayad Academy 3 is now OPEN!

The long wait is over, we are now finally opening our doors for new breed of artists who are in thirst for knowledge and has the passion for creativity. Videography has never been this cool. For this year, we will be serving 2 workshops. One for Beginners and another one for Pros. BEGINNERS Date : May 11-12, 2010 Where: Iloilo City Age Limit : 25 years old and below Requirements : -Laptop with specs that can handle multimedia tasks (installed Premiere CS3) -Hard Disks with at least 50gig disk space Php 2,500.00 (meals included) PROS - WEDDINGS Date : May 18-20, 2010 Where : Metro Manila Age Limit : No age limit Requirements : -Has basic knowledge of using Premiere -Has basic knowledge of shooting a video camera -Must have the knowledge and passion for event videography -Laptop with specs that can handle multimedia tasks (installed Premiere CS3) -Hard Disks with at least 120gig disk space -Any professional video camera ( preferably Canon 5d or 7d) *Option : Other video equipments such as glide track,glide cam,tripod etc for shoots Php 10,000.00 (meals included) Limited Slots available ..First come first serve. For more info email us at :)

Ketty and Bob + Regina and Christian + Balai Isabel

Ketty and Bob If there's such a thing called perfect for each other, then Ketty and Bob would fit just fine with the description. Ketty is a well known Swimsuit designer while Bob is a very talented Boardshorts designer. It's a fusion of different kinds of music..different moods and different styles .. harmoniously mashed together in a one of a kind SDE just for them. Sit back and relax as we all groove to their love through their SDE.

Ketty and Bob from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Regina and Christian Make up artist : Mich Lim-Reyes Photographer : Jay Jay Lucas Another Balai Isabel on the road. :) And what we really love most about the wedding of these two architects, Regina and Christian is the truly heartfelt vows they made for each other. You are the guy who stole my heart I am the girl you've always been fighting for and fight with ...and so I thank God ..for giving me a real life fairy tale Hear more as you witness another love united through this SDE. :)

Regina and Christian from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.