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Mayad Joins “Exposed Down Under”

Join Mr. Alvin Paver; Mayad Studios' Creative Director as he speaks for the "Exposed Down Under" Wedding Filmmaking Workshop on July 12-17 at Sydney Australia. If you want to have coffee with him, have dinner and talk to him about anything and everything under the him at and have the chance to meet him in the flesh. :) Here's his schedule : Sydney - July 4-18 Melbourne : July 18-30

Jerico and Marizel “Tuesday”

Dicovery Shores Boracay Photographer : Jill Lejano; Melo Balingit; Chito Cleofas Photography Coordinator: Amanda Tirol Songs Used : 1st song - White Dress by Ben Rector, 2nd song - You and I by Wilco 3rd song - Moving Backwards by Ben Rector "We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the talented Mayad team that made our big day in Boracay extra special. IT IS THE TALK OF THE TOWN! Friends can't stop raving, the fans can't stop gushing over it- even people we do not know send us messages telling us how inspiring this union is. all because of the amazing video that captured that faithful day. Thank you MAYAD. Mabuhay ang pag-ibig!" - the Placidos People say true love comes in all shapes and sizes. Love grows unexpectedly and love is proven unconditionally. What we have witnessed in one of our most recent weddings, is really what we consider true love. Love from from friends and love from Jerico and Marizel to one another. Pure bliss from start to end. And speaking of love, we truly loved the first part of Tuesday's vows, it showed her real comic and funny personality even on her special day are some excerpts " Coy, Nais kong magpasalamat sa maraming beses mong pagsagip sa buhay ko mula sa bangin...Kahit ano pa mang mangyari..dumami man ang ampon nating pusa..Malaos man tayo na d mangyayari kasi d pa naman tayo sikat...Haharapin natin ang lahat ng yan na magkasama at magkahawak kamay.. ". Cheers guys! :)

Jerico and Marizel (Tuesday Vargas) from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Jackson and Mae Travel Video

Tell me where exactly is home? Some people travel for miles in search of a place where they might belong. But the answer is quite simple...Home is being with the person you love, wherever it might be. And for Jackson and Mae, home is found in the arms of each other. This video was shot alone by no other than our very own Mr. Alvin Paver. He traveled to Hongkong and Macau with Jackson and Mae alongside Christine Ong Te (coordinator) and John Mateos Ong (photographer). And so, this will be another new treat for you guys who love to travel a lot, whether you are engaged, married, or neither of above for as long as you want us to document your experience..shoot as an email at and tag us along to your vacation and relive the moments through the video we will make for you. Note Script by : Audrey Rose Dusaran Check out our new HD logo :)

Jackson and Mae: HK & Macau from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

HK ROAM Special : Train

Produced by : Mayad Studios Director : Aleyn Comprendio Scriptwriter : Karen Bala-an Who is ever prepared for love? No one could actually explain this can't breathe, weak in the knees,butterflies in the stomach magical feeling. So again, are you prepared for love? It will happen in an instance, wherever you may be..may be in the park..may be in the road...or may be in the TRAIN. Here's an all star cast video we did for our HK Roam Special. Cheers everyone! :)

Train from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.