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Fish Leong and Tony Chao

Boracay Philippines Discovery Shores Gown : Vera Wang Coordinator: Amanda Tirol For about a year we’ve been traveling like crazy from one country to another. We’ve seen a lot of amazing places, breathtaking views and serene beaches, met a lot of people and covered a lot of destination weddings, but, nothing beats white powdered sands, calm blue waters and a perfect sunset view. ...It is the beach that is the closest to our hearts... Where else but in the beautiful island of Boracay, Philippines. True to what I wrote earlier, it is indeed the most perfect place to tie the knot. There is something about the island that makes everyone feel at home. Probably the ambiance and warm hospitality of the locals and, of course, the after wedding parties are always a blast.. A recent wedding in Boracay actually proves my point. Here's one of Fish Leong's Music Video See the articles : In a world of stars and celebrities, who would ever think that we would meet such funny, humble and amazing people? The first time we heard that we are going to be covering the wedding of one of the hottest stars in Taiwan and Malaysia, we were so giddy and excited. I’m talking about none other than Fish Leong and Tony Chao. It was an intimate and truly heartfelt experience, especially, since it was done at the beautiful island of Boracay Philippines. Everybody and everything looked so perfect during that day thanks to the best coordinator in Boracay, Amanda Tirol. We know words cannot describe the magical feeling we had when they tied the knot, so why don’t we share with you the SDE we made just for them.

Fish Leong and Tony Chao from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Nikki and Walter

Photographer : Carlo Cecilio,Jamie Lihan St. Therese Church Crowne Plaza Hotel Gown : Rajo Laurel The gown was well fitted..the bride looked gorgeous..the groom was charming..the family was extremely happy and the guest were excited..Everything was perfect!!! We really had a blast with this wedding. From the moment we met Walter and Nikki, we immediately knew that it's gonna be a great wedding and we were not disappointed at fact it exceeded our expectations. Watch these two people inlove through their SDE. Enjoy :)

nikki and walter from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Alex and Richie

Discovery Shores Boracay Photographer : Jay Jay Lucas Make up Artist : Solenn Heussaff Gown : Rajo Laurel Coordinator: Amanda Tirol Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you one of our recent couples for the month of January.. Richie and Alex. This wedding has got to be our first real pressure for this year. Why? We had people from the Ad and Film industry as guests. Actually Richie is a director himself, and he is actually quite good at it (click here for his works). But nevertheless, the couple were great that we don't mind doing this all over again. Perhaps after 10 years for their anniversary? And I bet Alex would still look amazing. The wedding was flawless, big thanks to Amanda and of course the wedding Rocks! These folks definitely know how to party that at the end of the day everybody went home happy and satisfied. Feel the sincerity of the wedding through the SDE we made for them.

alex and richie from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Allyn and Roland: Rainy Seattle

Hi Guys! I was the one assigned to Allyn and Roland's wedding in Seattle and me and my friend Alpha shot this around the end of November last year. Ok, i'm not that good at writing and stuff so I kinda asked Allyn to write about her experience with us and so here it goes... ^_^ When I got engaged to roland almost 2 years ago, my head started spinning visions of how and what my wedding would be like. Just like every girl who ever dreamed of walking down the aisle, i wanted my day to be captured as it is-- magical and special. One of my heartaches though was that my dad couldnt make it to the wedding. If before i thought that getting a videographer was of trivial importance, it all changed when i learned that my dad would not be healthy enough to travel from manila to seattle. I wanted every special moment of that day to be captured in video for my dad to see, hear and feel! This is where Mayad came in the picture. I found their videos to be creative & original-- with a certain spunk to it :) and it's what I SO badly wanted in mine. While i have utmost respect for wedding videographers here in the US, i have to say that seeing Mayad's work left me in awe, and really impressed. So i embarked on what i thought was impossible--have them cover my wedding in seattle! I told myself, "what the heck, ill just call and ask, it wont kill me". So imagine my joy to know that yes, they do weddings abroad, and yes (!!!) they could also make it 3 months before my wedding to shoot the love story video! ( i may have done something really good in my past life to deserve this good fortune, but that was probably the happiest part of my engagement and planning period! LOL) Fast forward to the wedding. When the Love Story video was shown during the reception, we were overwhelmed by probably the entire spectrum of emotions possible! I know im being partial towards it since, well, it is OUR video to begin with :) but to be as objective as possible: it was funny, heartwarming, and touching. you'll laugh and cry at the same time, if that's ever possible. Their choice of music was superb, and the editing was flawless (they edited my dad's interview into it and it was really my favorite part--thanks sheena and fiel)! Mayad made sure that it would be a joy to watch, and it was nice to see the guests enjoy it as much as we did! Fiel directed the video in a way that it still stuck to roland's personality and mine, but he also gave us the much needed push without being imposing. The best part was that we just gave him our 100% trust in creating the concept. And he and his team just nailed it! Fiel was such a joy to work with. we've had the pleasure of knowing him longer than maybe most couples would have, and i am amazed at his skill, creativity and professionalism! He was hopping from one country to another before my wedding, but he still showed the same amount of enthusiasm and dedication (and kindness) that i know he gave every couple he worked with. And his friend Alpha is such a pure soul....i love them both to pieces. I would like to see this friendship of ours grow in the years to come! And this wedding video, well, i just LOVE it. Fiel was very hands on, and went out of his way to check everything before the wedding--the reception lighting, the location--you could tell his creative mind was spinning like crazy as well with his ideas! I can fill this whole page with an ocean of adjectives and praises, but all i can say is thank you Mayad for creating the magic! So to the engaged couples out there, if youre still dilly-dallying on getting a videographer, go give yourselves a big conk in the head. Wedding moments are something you would want to recapture with your husband/wife even when youre all wrinkled and grayed down to the roots. So what better way to do it but with a video that sums it all up. and mayad just does the job. married and (sigh!) loving it, Allyn

Allyn and Roland from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

P.S. the Mayad team are the kindest in this planet ( i got to meet Alvin and Sheena too, when i was in Manila for the holidays, and they're such happy, positive people. Good luck to Mayad!)

Wan Sim and Chris : Wonderful Malaysia

November 21, 2009 Photographer : Andy Lim The Ritz Carlton, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia UK Videographer: Mintyslippers Wan Sim and Chris' wedding was one of the out of the country weddings we shot last November. Chris is (British) and Wan Sim is Malaysian and their wedding was a union of two cultures. But we (fiel and me) weren't the only ones enjoying the auspicious event as Chris and Wan Sim, as seen on the highlight video, were having such a blast that they decided to get married twice! first was in chris' hometown in London and the second on wan sim's hometown Malaysia. Both weddings showing their culture and traditions. We were fortunate enough to have these two as our couple and for giving us the opportunity and trusting us to shoot their second wedding in Malaysia. It was our first time in Malaysia and like little lost kids, we strayed off from the beaches of (Langkawi) to the streets of (Kuala Lumpur). We wasted no time in searching for places to shoot. It was a real pleasure working with these guys. They were a lot of fun and were game altroughout the shoots. So thanks again Wan Sim and Chris. On a side note. It's true that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding or maybe there is, but not on our part as we had technical problems preparing a video presentation for the couple. Some of our cables died down on us and we to had to literally scour (langkawi's) computer shops for the right cables we need. Thankfully we had an encounter with a rather unique cab driver. Ever watched movies where cab drivers rip off not only your purses but every appendage of your body? maybe not, but xept for the last part then probably. well our cab driver Mr. Talib (hope i spelled it right) not only drove us across the streets of langkawi on our quest for the right cables, he also toured us around showing us the night ambience and beauty of langkawi. He even showed us the places where to find the best cuisines in town. Since we havent had dinner that time, we invited him to pick his favorite spot and dine with us. Surely, we were treated to the best curry in town! and to top it all off, while heading back to the hotel, he even gave us a little history lesson on Langkawi and Malaysia and how cab drivers should act as little ambassadors of the country. You cant beat that! so hats off to Mr Talib. Many thanks to Andy Lim and to his charming wife Jun for the company and guiding us throughout the malaysian wedding rituals and props goes to MintySlippers for covering Chris and Wan Sim's wedding in London. So with no further delay; they are in love, they dance like no ones watching and the world is their stage. here is Chris and Wan sim's wedding highlight video.

wan sim and chris from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.