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Joyce and Carlito : Anniversary Special

Through the years, we have experienced a lot of ups and downs. Our road to where we are now was not always smooth. Despite this rollercoaster ride, we’ve managed to survive, adopt and embrace every life changing moment and we have YOU all to thank for. For our anniversary special, we will feature one of our most recent SDEs. Everything about this particular wedding just fell into place. From the chosen suppliers, to the ideal 2pm wedding ceremony, touching personal vows, choreographed first dance, enough time for pictorials, very charming, cooperative and loveable couple..everything was just pure bliss. But more than that, what made this video special in our hearts is simply because it represents and embodies just plain simple and pure love. No need for more drama, they just had to let go, to trust, to have faith and to love. Witness our Mayad Studios 7th year Anniversary Special Feature, Joyce and Carlito. Directed by : Kristopher King Caldera Wedding Planner : Rita Neri Photographer : Pat Dy Make Up- Mickey See Gown : Veluz Joyce and Carlito : Anniversary Special from Mayad Studios on Vimeo. To everyone who joined us, partied with us, worked with us and embraced all life changing moments with us - Thank you and we are eternally grateful for your love and support.

Vivienne and Jinwen : Celebrating Beijing

Directed by : Kristopher King Caldera Special thanks to Yaling for the help during the shoot “Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get — only with what you are expecting to give — which is everything.”- Katharine Hepburn Wherever you come from, settled or bound to, love will find you. Amidst the busy world, love will find you. Despite age, beauty and time, love will definitely find you. For you can never ignore the feeling and once you experience it, love becomes real. Vivienne and Jinwen, did not need only to gaze at each other’s eyes to realize that they are made for each other, they simply just looked outward together in the same direction and knew that they were meant to be together. In relation to our upcoming Mayad Academy 6, we bring you a love story created in the most celebrated walls of Beijing China. You may still register through Vivienne and Jinwen : Celebrating Beijing from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Maricar and Richard : Secret Wedding

Directed by : Raphael Jamil Pranga Bellevue Hotel Alabang Wedding Planner : Jenny Lim Couture (Bride and Groom) : Francis Libiran Photographer : Lito Sy Flowers: Nikki Chatto Make Up : Mickey See Lights and Sounds : High Impact and Ten Inch Wedding Host : Christian Bautista and Nikki Gil Officiating Pastor : Pastor Dennis Sy Invitation : Wingdingz Song : Where We Used to Run - Landon Austin Maricar Reyes - Poon and Richard Poon God has a prefect plan for each and everyone. Most of the time we dwell on the past not knowing what lies ahead of us but if we are patient enough, you will then realize that the best is yet to come. What Richard and Maricar has in their love story is truly inspiring for all the believers of happily ever after. When Richard saw Maricar on an ad, he knew exactly and even jokingly said that she will be his wife. True enough, with his charm he was able to pursue and capture her heart. It was not an easy road but in God's time they were able to carry on with the journey and accomplish their heart's desire.. a promise to be true to one another as husband and wife. What we love about this wedding is the simplicity of the couple. They were able to manage to invite only their closest loved ones despite of fame and status. Their day was very heartfelt and full of emotions, that even during the planning we did our best to keep it a secret. And now it is out for the whole world to know. Declaring their love for one another, here's Maricar and Richard. Enjoy! Maricar and Richard : Secret Wedding from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Patti and Jon : Whatever It Takes

Directed by : Raphael Jamil Pranga Shangrila Boracay Wedding Planner : Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings Photographer : Mangored Gown : Rosa Clara Philippines Bouquet: Vatel Manila Quartet: Bernie Pasamaba Sound System :Sound Waves Boracay #pheartj "Being someone’s first love maybe great but to be their last is beyond perfect” - Patti If it is worth the wait, you’ll do whatever it takes. And in this crazy thing we call life, sometimes it takes only a single story to change everything forever. With Jon, it is when he met Patti. Love is not just all about the butterflies. It is also a feeling of being safe, home and waking up everyday knowing you have more than enough reasons to love life. These two lovebirds may not have the smoothest ride but they did everything to surpass the challenges for they believed in their love as they say over and over again, whatever it takes. Life has truly become a dream come true for both Patti and Jon. Catch our latest wedding video of the very gorgeous and sweet as cupcake Patti Grandidge and the very handsome and renowned Jon Herrera as they start a new chapter as Mr. and Mrs. Herrera. “Whatever it takes” - Patti and Jon

Whatever It Takes : Patti and Jon from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Marina and Benedict : Missing Piece

Director : Carmela Dy Hubag Phuket Thailand I love you. Three words 8 letters most commonly said to the people who mean really a lot to you. So when a man feels that he is surrounded with much love from his friends and family, is there any possibility that something could be missing? Does one have to go through all the pain in life to understand the meaning of joy? We, as believers of happily ever after, know that his video we are to present reaffirms our faith that with God nothing is impossible. Marina and Benedict waited their whole lives to finally realize that the missing piece can be found in each other's arms. Not only did they get to spend their lives together but they also started it by celebrating with the people they truly love. Smile as you fall in love with one of the best love stories we've captured so far. Cheers!

Marina and Benedict from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.