1. Who is Mayad?

    Mayad is the name of our video company that originated from an old Ilonggo word which stands for “Good”. So when you say it is a Mayad video, then it must be Good! ;)
  2. How would you describe the signature style of Mayad studios when it comes to videography for weddings?

    A few years ago, we were known to be very fun and dynamic. Right now, our style is very romantic and elegant, but this might evolve into something else in the future. We like to constantly change and we try to challenge ourselves with different styles. Plus, we do our best to make sure that the style we choose fits the personality of our couple.
  3. How do you go about conceptualizing the wedding videos?

    We first ask the couples their love story, their hobbies, likes and dislikes. Then we ask what genre of videos they would like to achieve and their favorite video from us or posted on the Internet as well. From there, we would try to come up with something that would fit most their personalities and taste and at the same time, we make sure it is within Mayad quality :)
  4. What are the packages you offer?

    We offer same day edit video or the highlights video, which is very popular for our clients. We also have other packages like Trailer, Save the Date, Love story, Wanderlust, Proposal, Short film and any other crazy idea you might propose and we would accept. Possibilities are endless as they say.
  5. What is the difference between the Same day edit video and the highlights video?

    The Same day edit vide or mostly known as “SDE” or Onsite video is the compilation of footage we have shot from preparation till before the reception starts (sometimes before dinner) that is creatively woven into a Mayad masterpiece normally shown at the last part of the dinner. We usually ask our clients to give us at least 3-4 hours time to edit after the dinner starts before show time.

    The Highlights video is the compiled footage we have shot from preparation till the end of reception (with speeches) and is creatively woven into a Mayad masterpiece that is usually given to our clients at least a month after the wedding day.

  6. Do you accept pencil bookings?

    In order to avoid confusion on who is booking or about to book or cancellation, we have agreed not to accept pencil bookings.
  7. How to block the date?

    In order to block the date, couple must give a certain amount of down payment. How much? Email us and we will let you know. :p
  8. How long does it take to finish the full-length edit video?

    Usually it takes 6-8 months to finish the full-length video. We hope for our clients to be more patient with it and while waiting, they will have the same day edit or highlights video to watch and share with their family and friends
  9. For outside the country weddings, what do travel expenses include?

    Travel expenses, which the couple will shoulder, include accommodation, food, visa and transportation expenses. Out of the country fee is separate and depends on which country the shoot will take place.
  10. For out of town weddings in the Philippines, does out of town fee include transportation, food and accommodation?

    Our out of town fee differs by which province or place the shoot is located. It does not include transportation (unless it is only 1-3 hours drive away from Manila) accommodation and food. For places that require flight, the couple must secure van transportation with driver during the
    wedding day. For more details just email us, we’d be happy to clarify things ;)
  11. Do clients need to look for a certain someone in Mayad?

    We have our amazing directors, each have their own strengths and unique assets having their own individual packages and variety of shooting styles that will fit your lifestyle and personality.
  12. Do you provide the projector or lcd or live feed?

    That is a million dollar question we are often asked. But the answer is no. Maybe in the future, who knows? But we never did and we are not offering it as of now.
  13. For the billion dollar question, how much are the rates?

    We have different rates and packages depending on the director you will choose. But for weddings in Philippines, wedding day packages starts at Php 130,000.00 While Destination Wedding Packages starts at USD 8,500.00.

To know more and learn more about Mayad, feel free to browse our site and shoot us an email – inquire@mayadstudios.com.