At first, we were just doing our jobs, thinking that it was going to be just a one time thing. But we can’t help but notice. Notice that something is different; something is special. We do not know what is it exactly but it drew us and made us look a second time.

People saw its charm and was struck by its majesty. Not only does it give a relaxing vibe, it’s natural beauty was a sight to behold. It was something that stays, lingers even beyond our stays in the island. Bali was perfect. Bali was unforgettable.

Mayad decided to expand internationally and the first place we set our shop in was Bali. It wasnt a hard choice, really. It actually felt right; like it was a long time coming. The tradition and the culture, we’ve fully immersed ourselves to it and it has given us more than we could’ve ever asked for. Let us share this with you. Let Bali draw you in and leave you imprints that can last you a lifetime.

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