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Mayad Academy 2015 ll Inspire and Aspire

They say education is very important in a person’s life. One can read books, be molded through time or learn from experience. Here at Mayad Studios, we believe in the potential of each individual. We want everyone to think for themselves and become self-aware of the skills they need and have to leave a legacy in this industry. So why do we teach? Why Mayad Academy? For us it is more than teaching, it is about sharing–sharing what we know and what we have experienced. We want to lead the new breed of videographers and photographers, to inspire them in their chosen career and aspire to be the best. We share because, for us, it’s the most effective and most enjoyable way to elevate our beloved wedding industry more. Mayad Academy allows us to work on the hearts and minds, to guide our fellow videographers and photographers in becoming empowered, engaged, innovative and creative. With these words we live by, we invite you to join our Mayad Academy now on our 8th year as we continue to aspire and inspire each other.

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