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Marcy and Ralph ” Perfect Match 2″

Mayad Boracay

Not so long ago, we featured a love story worth sharing. A tale of two hearts promising that they would spend the rest of their lives together through a wedding video and now we are happy to feature them again. It may be snapshots or moving pictures, but definitely their love exudes. To Marcy and Ralph, cheers!

Click this link for the video post “Marcy and Ralph : Perfect Match”

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Maggie and Paga ” Live Laugh and Love”

Directed by : Carmela Dy Hubag

In a matter of less than 5 minutes, how do you show a personality of the couple through a wedding video? Simple, it simply just shows.

Maggie and Paga are two very different individuals. One is a rockstar and the other one is a teacher and yet they compliment each other to the point that their relationship is never boring. If you live the life of happiness, then it becomes who you are. One of the strongest factors to keep the ties together is never letting an opportunity to smile, to laugh or to sing and dance pass you by. If you believe in it then it will come to you and will be your constant companion. What they say might be true, that funny is the new sexy. Giggle your way through as we present another SDE made all the way from Baguio.

Maggie and Paga “Live Laugh and Love” from Mayad on Vimeo.

Vida and Gino : “Sweet Surprise”

Directed by : Kristopher “King” Caldera

Some things happen unexpectedly. Most of the time we plan our day to day lives and even set our five to ten-year life plans or goals. We thrive to achieve our dreams and set standards for ourselves that we forget to stop and look around once in a while. Just when you least expect it, you feel your blood rushing through your heart, the butterflies in your stomach and of course the sleepless nights, love finally happens. Amazing how love can change your plans and entire life but then you wouldn’t want it any other way. You just seize it and embrace it. Realize the beauty of love as we show you the wedding video of Gino and Vida.

Vida and Gino “Sweet Surprise” from Mayad on Vimeo.

Joann and Mark : “Beautiful Story”

Directed by : Raphael “Fiel” Jamil Pranga

“Ours is a story made beautiful by time.
The motions of everyday life rise and fall like the tide.
Our days are made up of moments – those of friendship, of courage, of trials , of change, of faith.
Life is all about these moments and how they change you forever.
How they push you to dream, to take chances, to go out into the world, to love.
Someone once said, to love at all is to be vulnerable. Ours is a friendship real and without pretense.
One that lets you come as you are.
Ours is a love that spans the oceans depths, a love held together
by something bigger and greater by ourselves. We are held together
by a great love, bound by the Creator of the sea, its mysteries and all that is beautiful in the world.
Ours is a story that spans seven long years.
Finally in the fullness of time…Our story begins again…. today. “
– Mark and Joann

Mark and Joann “Beautiful Story” from Mayad on Vimeo.

What better way to tell a beautiful love story than by sharing? Most especially through a video sincerely pieced together for our two lovebirds, Mark and Joann.

Mark is no stranger to us. He is one of the participants of Mayad Academy Singapore 3 years ago and for us to finally cover his wedding is such a privilege. Hope you guys enjoy!

Ethel and Joash “God’s Gift

Directed by : Gabriel “Gab” Pagcaliwagan

We have defined love a million times. We even described it as a fuzzy feeling or told the story like the usual boy meets girl. But do we truly understand what is real love? Is love an idea or a feeling? What happens if we are faced with struggles? How do we keep ourselves to remain in love?

We often ask questions especially when we deal different challenges throughout our relationship that we tend to break and question our love for the person we are with. For the couple we’re to feature next, they showed us through the video that it is only when we put Christ in the center of it all that we truly understand the meaning of love as God shall answer all your prayers and show you His graciousness by overcoming any obstacles and strengthening your relationship. Remember that our love is a manifestation of the love of God in our hearts. Witness the love story of Joash and Ethel as they teach us how to treasure God’s gift through the wedding video we made especially for them.

Ethel and Joash “God’s Gift” from Mayad on Vimeo.