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Tinnie and Chris : Finally Found You

Directed by : Raphael “Fiel” Jamil Pranga
There are about 7 billion people in this crazy world that we live in. The chances of meeting your God’s best might be a little difficult, but once you do, it will be all worth it. You will have a reason to live, to wake up each morning knowing that you are in this world for a reason and that same reason of Chris and Tinnie brought everyone together to witness a lifetime commitment of love. Sometimes it is not how long you’ve known each other or if you can just count with your fingers the moments you’ve shared together, when you finally find what is best, you’ll just know. Get ready to be awed with our next heartwarming video as they finally found each other.

Tinnie and Chris : Finally Found You from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Ollie and Jomike : 10 Years and After

Directed by : Carmela Dy Hubag

Every time you are with someone you love, everything seems to light up and no matter how dark things may get, you will always find your way home through holding that person’s hand. Anything can be surpassed and time is just a word. 10 years full of sweetness and happiness! Jomike and Ollie will show us, through this video, how love should be by sealing it in front of God, family and friends. Enjoy

Ollie and Jomike : 10 Years and After from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Louise and RJ : Worth The Wait

Directed by : Kristopher “King” Caldera

Is there such thing as loving too much? When do you say that you have loved enough? Few of the questions we often ask when we feel lost and confused with what we feel in our hearts. With our next couple, RJ and Louise set the standard so high and showed their friends that when you love someone, it is unconditional. Finding that certain someone is never easy though. You will go through a lot of challenges and experience things you never really want but when you finally feel it and patiently wait for it , love indeed will never fail and be truly worth the wait.

Louise and RJ : Worth The Wait from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Teresa and Ronan : I Still Love

Directed by Carmela Dy Hubag

“They say that the sign of true love is not just holding hands and sharing happy moments together. It is going through life’s many challenges and still ends up holding hands. “

Witness what exactly our bride means when she defined love in front of the guy she is about to spend the rest of her life with. The one who recognizes her when she did well and cheering her up when obstacles came across, someone who sees beauty in her either when she is all dolled up or even if her eyes are puffed up from crying. He is the same man she is going to marry. For Teresa and Ronan they truly found love inspite and despite. Enjoy our latest video from the beautiful beach of Boracay.

Teresa and Ronan : I Still Love from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.