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Mayad is hitting the map again! Have your prewedding video or photo with us. For the month of July, we will be visiting the land of opportunity, United States of America. Email us for the details and we hope to see you there.

Marcy and Ralph : Perfect Match

Directed by : Kristopher “King” Caldera
Mayad Boracay

We all have our own stories to share and so time and time again we’ve always been told to make sure to have control over ourselves and to strive to be independent. Day by day we do our best to survive our daily routines and just get by. We were warned that once we find a certain person that could rattle our usual habits, we should be extra careful. But then, would it still be applicable if that particular person was the perfect match for you? Can you still say that you won’t lose control? And if it’s destined in your heart, then it won’t matter because everything else will just intertwine and then you’ll realize that it’s the best chapter of your love story. Open up your hearts to love as you witness another love story from Marcy and Ralph. Cheers!

Marcy and Ralph : Perfect Match from Mayad on Vimeo.

Mayad Directors

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Through the years, we at Mayad, aim to reinvent ourselves to give you the best of what we can offer. We create ways to pave the different possibilities of telling your love story. Enhancing what can possibly happen on your big day is one of our utmost goals. We love opening your eyes and guiding you to a direction of beauty you once only dreamed of sharing to your loved ones and to the world. With that, we would like to present our front-liners, the very hands responsible for molding your wedding video to answer the why’s and how’s of love. Together with the familiar faces we have loved for years, we would like you to meet our new director, an additional gem in our growing team. In the name of quality, each of them is equipped with a unique approach to capturing the most important moments of your special day. And with these new improvements, we hope to show an even more fervent degree of passion through our work.

Raphael “Fiel” Jamil Pranga
Fiel has been with Mayad from its early beginnings. Although known for his elegant and glamorous take on wedding videography, he also welcomes the idea of trying out new things. This top-billing director believes in the power of content. He emphasizes that the center of a video should focus on answering the “why’s” of the couple – the reason why they are getting married, the reason why they believe they are meant for each other. With his attention to detail, he highlights these reasons in graceful shots that showcase a couple’s beautiful love story.

Kristopher “King” Caldera
King has a penchant for well-balanced videos that feature mixed emotions- fun shots interwoven with heartfelt ones in a footage that is both candid and cleverly calculated. He loves letting couples subtly dictate the overall mood of the scenes without ever denying them of his own personal touch. His feel-good approach to wedding videography and his infectious attitude are qualities that have won over the hearts of so many couples over and over again.

Carmela Dy Hubag
Carmela lends a feminine touch to wedding videography in a position usually dominated by her male counterparts. Her laidback style allows the couples’ personalities to shine through in a masterful footage she aptly labels as “creative documentary”. The relaxed atmosphere she commands is a must for couples who have a clear concept in mind. Her unique shooting style celebrates the bride in ways only a fellow woman can genuinely convey.

Gabriel “Gab” Lorenzo Pagcaliwagan
As the latest addition to Mayad’s powerhouse cast, Gab is an advocate of candid storytelling, allowing scenes to take place on their own accord with minimal use of sliders, glides and cranes. He sets aside the glamour and the details, and focuses instead to the heart of the story. He believes that moments and emotions take center stage in wedding videography with every scene carefully captured to influence a myriad of feelings.

Here are some of the shots taken by our latest director Gab for Mayad. Check out his reel

Director Gab Reel from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Claudine and Wesley : Just Like You

Directed By: Raphael Jamil “Fiel” Pranga
Our parents are probably one of the most influential people in our lives. When we were young, we looked up to them so much that we often pray to God, hoping we could find someone just like them. When Claudine met Wesley, not only has she found an honorable and loving man just like her father, she also found a man who can make her feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Answer a lot of why’s as Wesley make us realize what love is, the reason for loving and being with the person you love through the wedding video of Claudine and Wesley.

Claudine and Wesley : Just Like You from Mayad on Vimeo.

Joan and Jovi : Wonders of Love

Directed by : Carmela Dy Hubag

Open your door..open your hearts with all the possibilities. Wander through the great ocean of life as you will find joy peace and love. And sometimes if you will search further you will realize that it is just there beside you all along. Take an adventure with Joan and Jovi as we show you their OBB presented on the wedding day. Enjoy!

Joan and Jovi : Wonders of Love from Mayad on Vimeo.