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Fashion : Panay News Youth Campus Video

Week after week we have been giving you wedding treats and as much as we love doing our job sometimes it hits us to try something NEW..something DIFFERENT..something MORE! So, when Dave offered us a great opportunity to showcase our wildest imagination, we grabbed it and took it to the next level. And since this is a non wedding video, we pushed ourselves to the extreme by doing some radical poses for the models to represent each element; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water as Alvin played with the colors during post editing. Experience one of our MOST FASHIONABLE video ever, all thanks to Panay News! “Walang Katulad!” Cheers! :)

PN Youth Campus fashion shoot from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Watch via Youtube here

Roderick and Melody

Wedding Date: September 14, 2008
Preps: Days Hotel and Grand Hotel
Ceremony : Sta. Maria Catholic Church
Reception: Grand Hotel
Photographer : Vagonozze Studios
Song and Artist : Ai Zai Xi Yuan Qian by Jay Chou

Never did it occur to Melody and Roderick’s mind that they would end up tying the knot together. Here’s one heart story that I bet most of you could relate. Roderick and Melody have been friends for quite sometime now. Then one day, Roderick finally asked Melody for a date. Although at first, Melody did not think it was a date, she thought they were just having a lunch out. So when Roderick said he liked her, she was a bit surprised but still thought why not give it a try. Eventually their love blossomed and even though there was a time that they were apart, still their relationship became stronger. Friendship is one of the best foundation for love, if its true then we know Roderick and Melody’s love will last for a lifetime. For now enjoy watching our most up to date SDE. Cheers!

melody and roderick from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Watch via youtube here

Tata and Bulak

Prenup : August 30, 2008
Wedding Date : September 3, 2008
Preps and Reception : Hotel Del Rio
Church Ceremony : San Agustin Church
Photographer : Smiles and Clicks – Bordoy Viterbo
Song and Artist : Angels Brought Me Here by Sebastian

Here’s another heart story we are about to unfold. It was September 3, 1964 when a man and a woman promised to love and cherish each other from that day till forward. Years after that their children followed their footsteps as they got married also on the 3rd day of September. And so this year 2008; to continue with their tradition, Tata and Bulak tied the knot in front of God and in the church on the same exact date. I guess September 3 will always be marked as a very special day to their family and to their lives as a couple. One of the most awaited wedding here in Iloilo for 2008 has finally taken place. If you recall Katrina (Nana), one of Mayad’s most celebrated debutante last year; she is actually the daughter of Tata and you can catch her in this vid. For now, experience the real life drama and love on Tata and Bulak’s SDE. Enjoy! :)

Tata and Bulak from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

watch via youtube here

Archie and Abbie

Prenup : August 31, 2008
Wedding Day : Sept. 1 , 2008
Photographer : Smiles and Clicks – Bordoy Viterbo
Reception : Sea Wind Resort Boracay
Coordinator : Amanda Tirol
Song and Artist : A Whole Lotta Love by Smash Mouth

Team Mayad is back in Boracay! For all our readers out there, here’s a hot get away tip for all of you: if you’re planning to go to Bora to have a peace, quiet and relaxing vacation; this time of year and I mean NOW would be the best time to hit it off in the beach! After our last experience in Boracay (remember our Frank post), it’s totally a relief and awesome to see the sun shining, in the beautiful white sand paradise. Plus points for the clear water, less people walking in the shore and cheaper stuffs since its not peak season.

And just when we thought we’ve heard all the possible heart stories. Well, let me share to you Archie and Abbie’s own heart story. It happened about 9 years ago, along the busy street of Metro Manila, when two cars accidentally bumped to each other. Abbie was a student back then while Archie was late for a date that time. He even borrowed phone from Abbie to contact his date since he only had a sim. Trying to fix the situation, they frequently met and tried to make some arrangements. Little did they know that it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Now blessed with two adorable children, our 4 years married couple Archie and Abbie marks another point in their lives as they sealed their love with God in the most famous beach of Boracay. And what made it more special was the fact that is was also Abbie’s birthday. I guess, love could strike everywhere even if it means getting hit by a car. Special shout out thanks to Bordoy for the 2:46 vid clip used in the vid. Enjoy watching their fun filled SDE made especially for these two undeniably “kulit” yet cutest couple. :)

Abbie and Archie from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

October Schedule: US and Manila

Hi guys! I’ll be shooting a friends wedding in the US specifically in San Jose, California on October 5 this year while Alvin and the gang will be in Manila to cover an event in Makati. If any of you guys want to meet up in Manila or with me in California, just shoot us an email at inquire@mayadstudios.com

Here’s our current schedule:
Fiel: October 1 to October 14 in the US
Alvin and the team: First week of October in Manila