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John Genne and Krisna

April 18, 2009
Sarabia Manor Hotel

We see couples getting married all the time. And the stories are always the same…Boy meets girl, boy and girl officially together, boy proposes, girl say yes, then boy and girl tie the knot. But when you think about, a wedding is never ordinary. It is a celebration of two people standing by each other, vowing their love and committing to God that they will now become one. With John and Krisna, this is the moment they have been waiting for. And it was so sweet of John to even give Krisna a bouquet of roses during the preps. And so their wedding day? It was a total bliss. Here’s their SDE made especially for them. Enjoy! :)

John Genne & Krisna from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

MAYAD ACADEMY : 3 Days with a BLAST!

What is it to work with love? According to Kahlil Gibrain, work is love made visible. So how could you show such love?

One year ago, we have opened our doors to some of the most talented artists in Iloilo to join us and be part of us. We were so happy with the results that we decided to do it all over again this year. So we posted a write up for us to extend our desires of teaching students all about videography. With everything settled and done, the 3-day workshop ended with a blast. We even had some guest participants. Two of which are above our age requirement, Dr. Israel and Hii from Malaysia. Dr. Israel, has always been a frequent visitor to our office and would always let us check his work that he did for his family. So when he found out about the workshop he asked Fiel if he can join and learn more about the craft. As for Hii, we never really expected that someone would be actually willing to fly all the way from Malaysia to the Philippines and would spend a lot just to hear what we have to say. With this kind of passion and willingness to learn, who could say no. So from strangers these students became friends. Not only did they learn about video editing and shooting but they also had one of the best times of their lives. And we thank everyone for this success. To express our deepest gratitude, we made this very special documentary video of the actual details of what happened and the people behind this success. Enjoy! :)

Mayad Academy highlights from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

*The entire video was shot using Canon 5D mark 2 camera and edited by our very own Cecilio Quimpo Jr. Hail praises to Master Cecil for creating such a work of art and highlighting all the hype into this video. ;)

So back again to the question. What is to work with love? For us here at Mayad Studios, it is by sharing what we do and bestowing the knowledge that we learned from experience. Why do we do it? It is because we want the young generation to know and find what they really love to do. It is by giving them the opportunity to realize if they have the passion for this line of work and to uplift the video industry so that years from now Videography wouldn’t just be something that people do for a living but instead it will become a dream.

Note: We honestly had a hard time putting into words how overwhelmed we are by the responses of our particpants. So we decided to give you an access in their world. Here are some of their blogs, in which they posted some testimonials and write ups about how Mayad Studios changed their lives.

“It is the best thing I have done for myself since I returned from UK 2 years ago, visit Mayad Studios. I’ve learn so many stuff in just a short 3 days.” – Hii of Malaysia

“Everything happened during the workshop won’t fade until the end of time. Before, I only watched their videos in theater, tv, and internet. But now, I’m part of their business. haha! I couldn’t believe it. ” – Lea


“The workshop made me realize that we are all creative in our own way. One can be as creative as the other in their own unique way. Be pressured to learn and never settle for mediocrity because you can always be better. ” - Dave

“There were many experiences that even I can’t explain it. I was just very happy and proud that I joined that workshop. I had high hopes and trust in myself that i could do this; maybe it was just because I love what i was doing.” - Jaja

Jimmy and Love

March 28, 2009
Sarabia Manor Hotel
St Joseph Parish Church

Everything and we mean everything happened at Sarabia Manor Hotel. Jimmy first said those three magic words “I love you” to Love at Sarabia, she accepted his love at Sarabia, he even did the “pamamanhikan” at Sarabia. So if there is this one place that is most memorable for Jimmy and Love, no doubt that would be Sarabia Manor Hotel. And where else would they celebrate their marriage but in the same location where it all began.

Planning the wedding when both of you are far from each other can be quite difficult. Both must be willing and commited to make it work. Good thing for Love and Jimmy, friends and families were always there to help and support them all the way. Feel the beat of their hearts with the SDE we are about to present. Enjoy!

Jimmy and Love SDE from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

the Mayad Workshop Year2 BatchII

We are taking a break from our regular posting of wedding videos for this very special announcement.


What is it about?
We are holding a training.

When will this training be?
The training will be on April 13-15 of this year.

Where will this training be held?
Rm 301 Sta Cruz Bldg. (aka AVON) Cor. Ledesma and Fuentes Streets Iloilo City.

Who are qualified to join this very rare opportunity?
1. You must be very artistic, creative and very imaginative.
2. You must be 23 years old or below.
3. You must have a laptop with specs that can handle multimedia tasks.
4. You must know how to spell your name backwards. kidding

What will you get from this training?
Nothing really, except a whole new POV on editing and the world of videography. We will share to you our knowledge in this craft and at the same time you will gain new friends. Oh to top it all off, if we will find such great potential in you, we might give you guys a chance to be one of us.

If the person is not from Iloilo, can this person still join the training program?
Since, we are still based in Iloilo and the training will be held in Iloilo, we’re encouraging Ilonggos to join this program. Unless you’d be willing to to pay your own expenses: fare,food, accommodation, etc. I think we can talk about it.

How can I join this training?
Show yourself up from April 1-7(except sunday). The office is open from 1-6pm. We won’t be accepting applications via email, sms or yahoo messenger. This is for the assurance that you are very much willing to learn with us. Don’t be afraid we don’t bite!

Another thing, we will limit this training for 10 persons only. Screening will be based on their personalities and portfolios that they will share with us upon passing their resumes.

need more information? ask us!

Barbara and Allan

March 25, 2009
Photographer : TM Malones
St Joseph Parish Church
Westown Hotel Smallville

When we were small, we have always dreamed of a Cinderella story. We always knew deep inside that there would come that day when we will meet our prince, fall in love, marry him and live happily ever after. Well. another Cinderella dream came true yesterday. And Barbara certainly looks like a beautiful fairytale princess in her white gown. Barbara and Allan finally walked down the aisle..and did they live happily ever after? No one knows yet..only time could tell but based on what we have witnessed yesterday, they certainly look good together and indeed are happy. Finally, she has given her love and life to Allan. And now their destiny can begin. Watch as we unfold their Cinderella heart story through the SDE we are about to present. Finally! ;)

Barbara and Allan from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.