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Mak and Loren – Tagaytay Wedding

November 14, 2008
Gown and Suit : Jc Buendia
Photographers : Eddie Boy Escudero ; Bleach and Stain
Coordinator: Classic Unlimited Strings and Events
Church : Caleruega Batangas
Preps : Tagaytay Highlands
Reception : Casablanca Tagaytay City
Song and Artist: Fix You by Coldplay

During weddings they say you have to look your best; guests and even suppliers like us needs to dress up accordingly and with style. But with Mak and Loren’s wedding it was more than that. Having “Glamour Wedding” as their theme, they wanted everyone to look fabulous..red carpet fabulous to be exact. So all dressed up we went to shoot Mak and Loren’s wedding in Tagaytay. The location was simply gorgeous and breathtaking. Everything just went on smoothly. Big part is given credits to the couple, Mak and Loren. This very lovely couple sewed in together all the bits and pieces and made something spectacular that is truly worth remembering. So for their SDE introduction, allow me to do it the old fashion way. (Drum rolls please) Ladies and Gentlemen..Presenting live from Casablanca Tagaytay..Mak and Loren’s SDE. (applause) ;)

Loren and Mak from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Tatta and Jeff

November 8, 2008
Reception: Centennial Resort Hotel and Convention Center
Photographer: Dan Amular
Coordinator: Dennis Ochoa

“Ang pagmamahalang nagsimula sa pag-ibig” those were the words given to me by Jeff when he told me their heartstory. Confused? Well, Tatta had her summer job back then in Pag-ibig where Jeff also had his ojt at the same time. There in Pag-ibig, they met and their love blossomed..then the rest was history. Probably very much inspired by some old romantic flicks, our two love birds came up with an idea of what to do for their prenup shoot. Remember against all odds stories like poor farmer boy who falls in love with a rich and beautiful girl trying to fight for their love, that was our exact scenario. Although for our couple, we changed it a bit..we made Jeff as a fisherman instead since we weren’t able to find a farm. And we have to give it to Jeff and Tatta for acting really well..no directions needed. Truly Award Winning! So now with so much bundle of joy, we are proud to present to you Tatta and Jeff’s “mala telenovela” SDE. And oh by the way we strongly encourage you to sit back and relax while watching the SDE from start to finish. Enjoy! :)

Tatta and Jeff SDE from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Jenny @ 18

October 29,2008
Reception: Hotel Del Rio
Coordinator: Alex Soncio
Gown : Alex Soncio
Make up artist : Pepoy Tancinco of Stretch Center
Song and artist : Feels like tonight by Chris Daughtry

According to dictionary.com when we say “debut” it refers to a formal introduction and entrance into society of a young lady, at an annual ball. What happened last night was no ordinary annual ball, not an ordinary young lady and not an ordinary formal introduction. What happened last night was far from ordinary..it was Exceptional! From the set up to the food to the guests to the outfits, remarkable! So, for her very own SDE, we made sure we would be able to showcase the laughter, the “kulitan”, and what and who she really is (Jenn, thanks for being so game jumping on the pool). Witness before your very eyes the transformation of a young girl to a very beautiful lady. The spotlight’s on you Jenny! After feeling it today, we are feeling it again…Tonight! ;) Another SDE debut but back to our homeland Iloilo. Cheers!

jennys 18th birthday from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Nori and Gel Boracay SDE

Wedding Day : Oct. 25, 2008
Photographer : Smiles and Clicks – Bordoy Viterbo
Reception : Sea Wind Resort Boracay
Coordinator : Amanda Tirol
Song and Artist: Feels Like Today by Rascal Flatts

Konnichiwa! Magandang araw! Good day!

That’s it! we are now officially declaring Boracay as our second home. And to celebrate our declaration, we have unfolded another heart story. For Nori and Gel they proved to us that love knows no boundaries nor permits language to be a barrier. In one night, two very different families from two different traditions became one. Everything was indeed possible, not even the rain could stop our sweet couple from having the greatest time of their lives (which was of course made possible by our superwoman coordinator, Amanda). No more looking back, its the one thing they’re wishing..the one thing that’s missing..the last sacred blessing…truly their love feels like today! To our most generous couple Gel and Nori, “Arigatou gozaimasu!”. A fusion of white sand,clear beach,sunny and rainy weather,Japanese and Filipino touch, what do we get? A heart warming SDE. Check this out! :)

nori and gel SDE from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

California: Tanya and Mark in HD

Preps: Groom – Chaminade
Bride – Ocean Echo Inn
Ceremony: Hollin’s house at Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz, CA
Photographer: Danielle Gillet
Song: Nothing Else Matters by Garou

Two days ago, I was honored to shoot Tanya and Mark’s wedding here in California. Tanya which is my cousin Myrha’s best friend together with Mark where uber cool hosts and a very lovely couple. Okay, so there are a lot of firsts in this wedding for me, shooting in HD is one, the flow of events was very similar to traditional American weddings even though they where both pinoys and of course shooting here in the US which got me uber excited, and shooting alone… Waaah! My 2nd shooter Josh got rushed to the hospital hours before his flight the day before the wedding which left me all alone for shooting the video for this one so thanks so much to Danielle and Celeste for guiding me throughout the event and thanks also to Eugene (who was the uber cool DJ for the event —> Ooooohhh yeeaaahhhh~) for the sound bytes during the wedding.

And so i’m pretty proud to present Tanya and Mark’s wedding highlights.

Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed shooting it in hyper mode!


California: Tanya and Mark from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Watch this in a higher resolution here. (just be sure to turn ON the HD button at the right side of the player and you’re good to go!) It just loads a lot longer than watching in standard definition.

…and I guess it’s now time for me to go sight seeing here in the bay area! Weee!