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Zenat and Dirk

August 15, 2008
Preps : Westown Hotel
Ceremony (Civil) and Reception : Escas “Garden Restaurant by Afrique’s”
Photographer : Vagonozze Studios
Gown: Eric de los Santos
Make up artist : Pepoy Tancinco of Stretch Center

After our two events in Manila ( Wedding and Debut) we are back to our home land Iloilo. But just when we thought we were already wrapped up in cotton wool, boy were we wrong. Even though we started shooting the preps early, for this wedding, our 10 minutes ceremony (civil wedding) started really late; 5pm. With no prenups and super fast reception, this wedding came as another challenge for us. And just for the record we mark this as one of our earliest time to show the SDE. Good thing Zenat and Dirk loved it. Our bride Zenat, charmed everyone as she looked so gorgeous in her wedding gown while Dirk, our super funny groom captured the hearts of the guests as he bare his heart and soul for Zenat. It is often said that French is a language of love. I certainly agree. Why? Watch their most heart warming SDE to feel for yourselves. Santé!

Tendres baisers… :)

zenat and dirk from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.


It was early morning yesterday when we got the greatest news from JMag himself (Alvin) and Michael Wong of Still Motion (Fiel). And even until now as first timers for this International Contest, we still could not believe that we won 2 Golds in the recent WEVA Creative Excellence Awards that was held at Orlando Florida. Feels like a baby taking his or her first step or a kid learning how to bike or parents having their first born child. Surreal! As much as we want to take all the credits, we know we could have never reached this far if it weren’t for our supportive family, friends, clients, fellow Ilonggos and Co-suppliers as well. And of course we want to bring back all the Glory and Honor to our Heavenly Father. To God be the Glory!

Wedding Love Story
Gold | Mayad Studios | Espinosa Wedding

Wedding Highlights Production
Gold | Mayad Studios | Bengtsson Wedding
*this was also our entry for Sony last November 2007

Official WEVA results here
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Thanks to everyone who congratulated us and made a blog about the Weva CEA 08 results. Much love to you all. To all our fellow Pinoy Videomaker awardees Sir Jason Magbanua, Bob Nicolas, MG Digital, Director’s Cut and Imacron. Congrats! You guys rock!
Mayad gid ang mga Ilonggo! Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy! Kudos to all! :)

Katrina Recto @ 18

August 9, 2008
Edsa Shangri-La
Photographer: Rene Gaviola
Coordinator: Blushing Brides
Song and Artist: She’s So Lovely by Scouting for Girls

We’ve said it before, debuts are the most challenging to do SDE with. Unlike weddings, debuts don’t have ceremonies and the program starts really really late and happens really really fast. So why do we do debut coverage and SDE for that matter? It’s the rewarding feeling after the SDE is being shown and the smile we see in their faces plus the cool friends and happy family that surrounds the debutante. In Katrina’s case, again we were not in our home court, we started shooting preps at around 3pm, the program started past 8pm and the location was all shot in Edsa Shang. With limited time to shoot and edit, we were relieved that we were able to pull off this one on time. Much love also to Karen and the rest of the Blushing Brides Team! Great job guys! Working with you (for the first time) was truly a pleasure. Now, after the longest time (after a series of weddings), it’s such a breather for us to present to you this SDE of our very lovely debutante, Katrina Recto.Cheers! :)

Katrina Recto from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

888 – Imee and Carlo

Prenup: August 6, 2008
Wedding Date : August 8, 2008
Prenup : Fort Bonifacio – Taguig
Preps : Manila Peninsula – Makati
Ceremony and Reception : Filipinas Heritage Library – Makati
Gown: Jun Escario
Song : Must Be Dreaming by Frou Frou

And just when we thought 777 was a hit. Think again..Well, if we could mark one of the most memorable day in wedding suppliers’ history, by popular choice it would probably be, August 8, 2008 (888). We could never imagine the hardship every couple go through in preparation for their wedding day, what more if the couple has about a thousand other couples competing for the same suppliers on their chosen date. Good thing our bride, Imee saw that this was gonna happen a year earlier. And just for the record, for this wedding, location alone was already a challenge for us. Not only that we were out of our depth because we were not in our home court but instead in the Big City of Manila, but we also found out that shooting prenup in Fort Bonifacio without permits was a no no. Good thing we were able to steal some awesome shots since Imee and Carlo really wanted some specific scenes (no emo shots) to go with the look and feel for their chosen song. Adding to the list of challenges to our part was that we started shooting preps as late as 2-2:30pm, with a Christian wedding to spice things up, very intimate and simple reception and no posed pictorials to stall before reception; it was a indeed a tight schedule, nerve wrecking but priceless moment for all of us. By the way, check out Imee stopping the traffic by crossing the pedestrian lane in her wedding gown. Boy! we must be dreaming. And we owe that dream turned reality to our cool couple, Imee and Carlo. With everything tied down to its rightful place, we are proud to share with you our 888 “urban theme” SDE. Enjoy!!! :)

Imee and Carlo from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Hubert and Joy

Wedding Day: August 2, 2008
Ceremony: San Agustin Church, Iloilo
Reception: Hotel Del Rio
Photographer: Ernesto Villanueva
Song and Artist: Steve Jablonsky – The All Spark

What’s in a wedding? Everything. That is, just about every single happening that fabricates the couple’s story of love that’s about to share the very first day of the rest of their lives bound as one.
With the keenest of senses and full-geared creativity, we made details matter especially for our endearing couple, Hubert and Joy. Amidst the brewing pressure and painstaking SDE production, it had been a smooth sail through the course of events, for which we are grateful to the cooperation and warmth of the couple and their families, the friendly workmanship of other suppliers and such an enthralling optimism from the guests.
Like all things fine and fancy, we had our share of ruckus and maladies as we cruised through time and tension. Well appreciated is the remarkable artistic eye and knack for shooting and video editing by renowned Indie film director, Mr.Oscar Nava (Timawa meets Delgado), with whom we were privileged to work with on this wedding. Heightened with motivation by the drama of the occasion, Fiel was in full swing working mode as he tussled with the SDE scene after scene, which had been rewarding enough at the end as we had beaten the race for show time.
Get the feel of romance in our emotionally-driven SDE of Hubert and Joy. Check it out to see and believe what’s in a wedding… To our warm-hearted couple, we send out the best of wishes! :D

Joy and Hubert from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.