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Samantha and Oscar : Celebration Of Love

Directed by : Kristopher “King” Caldera
Mayad Boracay

With a full heart, the night shall turn into day and our eyes shall open wide and everyone will gather filled with happiness. For love is a celebration and when two people unite in front of God and loved ones, amazing things happen, because love will never fail despite the ups and downs. It will be forever cherished as long as it is real and true. Celebrate with Oscar and Samantha as we watch their wedding video. Enjoy

Samantha and Oscar : Celebration Of Love from Mayad on Vimeo.

Mico and Carlo : My Crush My Love

Directed by : Raphael “Fiel” Jamil Pranga

Remember your greatest crush? All the things you would do just to even get her number. Imagine talking to your crush. Probably it would be a sweaty-palms-and-heart-pounding moment. Now imagine marrying that person and becoming the love of your life. The feeling would probably be ten times or even a hundred times stronger!Feel the excitement with Mico and Carlo as they say I do to each other in the next video we are about to present.

Mico & Carlo : My Crush My Love from Mayad on Vimeo.

Bevs and Jasper : Infinite Love

Directed by
Wedding Day: Carmela Dy Hubag
Prewedding : Kristopher King Caldera

How much do I love you? I love you from the moon and back. I love you when you smile or you laugh or even in times you think I don’t. I love you beyond compare. I love you forever. I love you to infinity times infinity.

Feel the infinite love our next couple showed us through the video we are about to share. Without any doubt Bevs and Jasper loved each other beyond measure. Enjoy!

Bevs and Jasper : Infinite Love from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Nicolette and David : Beauty Beneath

Directed by : Kristopher ” King” Caldera
When falling in love, especially during the early stage of it, you only see the beauty of a person. But in time, as you get to know them, you realize that beauty is far more than what meets the eye. It is when you appreciate the imperfections and as the beauty of that person finally becomes real and true, beneath the smile, you see their soul. You feel and know real love. Enjoy beauty inside and out as we present to you the wedding video of Nicolette and David.

Nicolette and David : Beauty Beneath from Mayad on Vimeo.

Jo-Ann and Feli : Loving Freely

Directed by : Kristopher “King” Caldera

We have loved and we’ve been loved but does anyone really know how to love? We feel it everyday and we see it in everyone but how do we know if it is real? Joanne and Feli understand the deeper meaning of it. For they believe that in order order to love, one must be whole and be cleared with all the baggage that may hinder them from doing so. To love freely and without holding back that is how our couple showed us through their wedding video. Enjoy!

Jo-ann and Feli : Loving Freely from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.