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Mary Lou and Monser : My Gravity

Directed by Kristopher King Caldera

Do you know how you make the person you love feel and how you feel about the person you love. Everything doesn’t need to make sense. Sometimes the things that just happen are the most precious ones because you know that it is pure and real and secured when it is with the one you treasure the most. When in love, it’s as if you are floating on air, everything’s light and you are at your most vulnerable stage. But if it is with the right person, no need to be scared. For that person will forever be your gravity. Enjoy our latest work of art with our very lovely Mary Lou and dashing Monser.

mary Lou and Monser : My Gravity from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Kinki and Fei : Most Beautiful

Directed by Rapahel “Fiel” Jamil Pranga

The quest to finding true love is not as peachy as it sounds, because in reality, love is not something we grasp in an instant. Yet when we are able to do so, it’s the most beautiful thing!

For Fei and Kinki, they had to literally love each other from a distance, but this didn’t stop them from tying the knot. She won his heart and he won’t let her go now. That’s not even what really matters. What’s important is that they chose to love and stay with each other through the years. And now as they choose to continue this journey hand in hand, we present them to you from the beautiful island of Maldives, simply a reflection of their love!

Kinki and Fei : Most beautiful from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Kate and John : Fly With You

Directed by : Raphael “Fiel” Jamil Pranga

A bridesmaid’s point of view..

I sat with my friend Kate one humid December night and listened to her as she animatedly talked about her many funny experiences as a newMrs. I was in awe of how much my friend had grown up and at the wonderful effect married life has had on her. As she spoke, I sat there nostalgic at the thought of her 18th birthday party and how she looked every bit a princess- all of us young and starry eyed at the thought of someday finding our Prince (she hadn’t met John yet) Fast forward to six years later, we watched as she walked down the aisle, on her way to her happily ever after-her long time sweetheart John, waiting expectantly at the altar, unable to contain his joy. This video is an attempt to capture their promises of forever and put on center stage how much these two truly love each other. We’ve all grown up since that one night when we all dressed up as princesses- and being out in the world has taught us that life isn’t always peachy, that there are a few dragons that need some slaying. We are every bit happy for our friend Kate, as she has finally found her Prince in John, someone who will do the slaying with her. Kate has truly found her own happily ever after- not one that promises everything will be perfect, but one that promises to love despite life not being a fairy tale. And with John vowing to put God in the center of their marriage as their hand and guiding light, this love story couldn’t get any better Watch as John and Kate fly off into forever under the beautiful September sky in this little video of love.” – Katrina

Kate and John : Fly With You from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Ging and Eric “Slick Rick” : Lucky You

Directed by : Raphael “Fiel” Pranga
Ever heard of the saying lucky are those who can find a person they can annoy for the rest of their lives? How about finding someone you can laugh with for the rest of your life? Ging and Eric or better known as slick rick got both and they couldn’t be happier. But then again they did get happier – on the day they tied the knot! However, the story doesn’t end there, for they have their whole lifetime to be the happiest they could ever be. For some people, they would think the boy from the boys night out finally ended the good times but to the main man, Slick Rick himself, he just turned into a man…a very lucky man. Laugh your heart out and cry a bucket of tears with the next video we are about to present. So let us party with Ging and Eric “Slick Rick”.

Ging and Eric “Slick Rick” : Lucky You from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

a Mayad Christmas

2013 has been one of the most challenging year for us here in Mayad. We’ve learned so much and we always consider every milestone a blessing to make us a better team. Through the years, we’ve countlessly made our clients happy through the videos that save a memory of their best day but the truth is, our clients are the main reason why we are still here. Our clients, followers and friends are our Christmas gifts, our blessings from God Almighty to which without them..without you we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you for giving us the pleasure of making videos and photos that we could be proud of and may we continue to share our skills and talents in making more clients happy.

For this yuletide season, and as a tradition, we will give you the people behind the cameras as we go wacky and express our gratitude for your never ending support and love. Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May you always remember the true meaning of Christmas – that is the birth of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas everyone!

a Mayad Christmas! from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.